diy hex nut bracelet

When this DIY from Honestly…WTF took blogland by storm, I found myself, like everyone else, totally flabbergasted by its awesomeness.  Erica’s take on the Giles & Brother Hex Nut Collection is chic, cheap, and totally do-able.  So I did it.

I got some hemp twine and a bracelet clasp from a craft store, and some small brass hex nuts from a hardware store.

Then, I immediately tangled the twine into a big messy knot.  I recommend skipping this step.

I knotted three strands of twine together, attached them to one end of the clasp, and started braiding the strands.  After I reached my desired length, I started stringing the hex nuts on, strand by strand — one nut every time a strand crossed over the next in the braiding process.

I continued until I had 18 hex nuts braided into the twine, then kept braiding until the bracelet was long enough to wrap twice around my wrist.

I knotted the braid around the other end of the bracelet clasp, snipped the ends, and wrapped that baby immediately around my wrist! Cool, no?  And if you ever need hardware or twine, you’ll be all set — it’s like a MacGyver bracelet.  xoxo

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