diy heart elbow patches

My sister recently gifted me a cardigan that she bought and never wore, and while I was cutting the tags off, I promptly snipped an accidental hole in the left sleeve.  Cue elbow patches.

I had a swatch of faux suede from a purse that bit the dust, so I gathered that fabric, some Stitch Witchery, scissors, and an iron, and went to work.  If you want to follow along, grab your materials and let’s do it!

First, cut out your hearts (or ovals, or stars, or Superman emblems).  Decide where on your sleeve you’d like them to be.  Cut some strips of Stitch Witchery, place them between a heart and one sleeve, and press with your iron until the fabrics are fused together.  Repeat the process on the other arm.  You may need to use small snips of Stitch Witchery around the edges of the hearts if they are coming away from the sleeve; just be sure to secure the hearts on all edges.

That’s it!  Now you and I can both wear our hearts on our sleeves.  xoxo


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