diy halloween mail: a mini party!

DIY Halloween Garland

Do you love Halloween? I do! I haven’t dressed up in a couple of years, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to get into the spirit! This year I thought I’d send a little mini-Halloween party to some folks, to help them start celebrating. It’s like a teeny tiny party in an envelope. Wanna send one, too?

The materials for this one are varied. I kind of just ran around my house, collecting anything that was black, white, or orange. You could use construction paper, cardstock, stamps, pens, stickers, wrapping paper, tissue paper, twine or embroidery thread, and on and on. Just see what you have and start putting it together!

DIY Halloween Package

My mini-Halloween party consisted mostly of candy and a little skull garland. If you want to make a garland too, cut out skull shapes and hot glue twine or thread to the back side. So, so simple.

DIY Skull Garland

Other than that, I got some Halloween candy and re-wrapped it to look a little more festive. Cover Tootsie Rolls in fun paper, and put candy corn or pumpkins into a glassine baggie. And never, ever forget the washi tape.

DIY Halloween Mail

I made a couple of extra skulls to use on the front of some handmade cards, wrapped it all in tissue paper, and sent it off in a flat envelope. I think the whole thing shipped for $1.50. Pretty affordable for a mini-party! What else would you put in yours? xoxo

DIY Halloween Card

DIY Halloween Garland

DIY Halloween Mail

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