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DIY Golden Hippo Necklace

DIY Golden Hippo Necklace

I’m still happily riding the wave of tiny golden animals, so I decided to make one that I could wear! These little hippos were waiting patiently for me at my local craft store and when I saw them I wanted to adopt them all. So I did. If you want to make one of these little cuties, here’s what you’ll need:

  • tiny plastic animals
  • gold spray paint
  • screw eye
  • jump ring
  • 24″ of chain
  • fine needle nose pliers

Start by spray painting your animals gold. It’ll take a few coats to make sure you get all the angles. Next, screw in a screw eye to the top of the little guy. I used the pliers to hold the screw eye in place, and turned the hippo while applying a good amount of pressure.

DIY Golden Hippo Necklace

Use the pliers to open one link in your chain and attach it to the other end. Close the link again, ensuring that it’s secure and the adjacent links won’t slip out. (This will be a necklace that you’ll slip over your head, rather than clasp at the back.)

DIY Golden Hippo Necklace

DIY Golden Hippo Necklace

Finally, open a jump ring with the pliers and connect the hippo to the necklace.

DIY Golden Hippo Necklace

DIY Golden Hippo Necklace

Bingo! You’ve got a happy friend to wear around town. And I have some pretty exciting news — lots of Lovely Indeed’s one-of-a-kind DIY items will now be up for sale! So if you’d like to own this little guy, shoot me an email at hello{at}lovelyindeed{dot}com. xoxo

DIY Golden Hippo Necklace


DIY Golden Hippo Necklace

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23 thoughts on “DIY Golden Hippo Necklace

  1. I really want to spray paint something gold. I don’t care if it’s for a necklace or for a book end, I really want to try doing this one day lol!

  2. Very cute! For your spray paint – very nice color choice! You are amazing Chelsea!Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Most hobby shops, Hobby Lobby etc. Have single animals in a variety of sizes and collections of specific themed Animals also in as wide range of sizes!!!!

      Wonder in nail polish or acrylic would work….

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  4. So cute! Id love to make a giraffe one, I’m late to the spray painted animals trend, but I feel like I’m gonna get obsessed!

  5. This is adorable and like everybody else I’m totally thinking about all the other animals I could do! You look beautiful with it on too! Love this! Thanks for posting!

  6. Where do you get the plastic animals ??? And if u wanted too could u make them a bit bigger or no ?

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  11. I absolutely LOVE this tutorial! I can’t wait to try making these! Also, where did you purchase the chain? Great idea, thanks for sharing!

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