diy first tooth doll

My most perfect niece cut her first tooth recently, and it got me inspired to commemorate the occasion with a little DIY for her.

I got some felt and cut out two tooth shapes, about 8 inches tall.

I stitched around with black embroidery thread, sewing in braided embroidery thread arms along the way (the arms were also secured with a little hot glue).

Just before I finished the outer stitching, I stuffed the tooth with upcycled shopping bags (so they’d crunch a little and make a cool sound).

I cut out little felt circles for the tooth’s right hand, then a “foam finger” for the left.  I glued on the #1, some eyes, and some lips.  The final touch was a little rouge from my makeup bag to make the cheeks.  (A special note:  If you decide to make this for a little one, be sure that you always monitor them while they play with it — there are lots of little glued-on parts that tiny hands might love to tear at!)  xoxo

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  1. Cute! I think you are almost to my town! Tell Kirsten hello and we have got to stop missing each other! Whenever she is in town I am out!

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