diy fabric pompom garland

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DIY Pompom Garland

Our new bathroom needed just one more touch to finish it off, and if you ask me, a garland is almost always the answer. I decided to use a technique that you might remember — I made these same pompoms for our moms’ corsages at our wedding! Today though, they’re getting strung up in front of our mirror so it looks like double the poms for half the work. Brilliant, no?

Gather your materials:

  • fabric
  • scissors
  • strong thread
  • needle

To make a pompom, cut five or six circles of fabric, about 2-3 inches in diameter.

DIY Pompom Garland

Thread your needle. Take one circle, fold it in half, then in half again. Insert the needle into the folded point of the circle. Repeat this with all six circles.

DIY Fabric Flowers

DIY Fabric Pompom

After all circles are strung onto the thread, re-insert the needle into the original circle at the same point. Pull taught, knot your thread, and snip. Ruffle all of the fabric to make the pompom even.

DIY Fabric Pompom

DIY Fabric Pompom

Repeat that process until you have as many pompoms as you’d like! Then, string them onto a long piece of thread by inserting the needle through the center of each.

Hang your garland somewhere fun! There’s something about a pompom that just makes you wanna smile. xoxo

DIY Fabric Pompom Garland

DIY Fabric Garland

DIY Garland

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