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In Rio de Janeiro, they have this amazing outdoor market that they call the “Feira Hippie de Ipanema,”  literally:  the Ipanema Hippie Market.  It was started by a bunch of hippies in the 60’s who wanted to sell their wares, and has been running every Sunday since.  It’s one of my favorite places in the world — seriously, an outdoor flea market in Brazil?!  How can that get any better?

I have a dress from the Feira Hippie that I love, but that has seen better days.  It’s stretched out, it’s a little too long, and just a little sad.  But there’s no way I could ever get rid of it — it’s the perfect summer weight and I have such fun memories of buying it while we were all negotiating with the Brazilian hippies.

What’s a girl to do?  Good guess.  A simple DIY refashion, baby.  And we’re talking simple.

I ripped out the seam at the bottom to detach the ruffle that finished the dress.  Cut off some of the length and made my own little ruffle out of the excess fabric.  Reattached the ruffle that was originally on the dress.  Sewed the ruffle from the excess fabric to the bust line.

BAM!  New and improved — a little shorter, a little sassier, a little accessorized.  The Hippie Market lives on.  xoxo

Look, Mom -- I'm sewing!


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