diy christmas stocking

My sister and I have had the same Christmas stockings our entire lives — they were made for us on our first Christmases.  Hers is needlepoint, and mine is yarn hooked.  I absolutely love them and the fact that they are handmade, so I wanted to give that gift to my niece, Paige, this Christmas.  I did a little research to gather some stocking ideas, and came up with a layered scallop design that involves a bunch of different textures.

I found some Christmas-y red terry cloth fabric and used that as the base of the stocking.  From the dollar store, I got a cheapie little stocking to use as a pattern and I stole the lining out of the inside to line Paige’s stocking with.  Then I started making the scalloped top:  I used pieces of red and white fabric from my stash to cut out the scalloped strips freehand (it ended up being a little swiss dot, some ribbed knit, and a red suede).  Those got sewn onto a backing layer by layer.  Then the whole thing got stitched onto the terry cloth stocking form.

I decided to add a little detachable pompom detailing with some red yarn I had left over from an old scarf.  (Super simple:  just wrap yarn around two fingers until you have enough for a full pompom, slip off fingers, tie off in the center, and snip the ends of the loops.)

Obviously, a stocking needs a name on it, so I used my new needlepoint skills to put Paige’s name on the toe.

The final touch was just a little loop at the top so that the stocking could be hung by the chimney with care.  And here’s the finished product.  Merry Christmas, Paigie!  xoxo

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