diy centerpiece: friendsgiving table

Okay, so you guys know that I am a DIY contributor for Cyd over at The Sweetest Occasion, right?  It’s a gig that I love, and Cyd is just brilliant.  So brilliant, in fact, that the folks at Baileys approached her with the task of putting together some ideas for a holiday celebration they call “Friendsgiving” — a term they coined for a gathering of buddies during the holidays to celebrate friendship and togetherness.

Cyd let me help out a bit with a DIY project, and so I got to work on planning a little table centerpiece for the festivities!  You can check out the video DIY below, along with some photos of the finished product.  Also be sure to go check out the Baileys Facebook page for the rest of Cyd’s ideas and photos from her very own Friendsgiving celebration.  There are menus, recipes, and more DIY for you to enjoy!  Cheers to Cyd, and to Friendsgiving!  xoxo

6 thoughts on “diy centerpiece: friendsgiving table”

  1. So awesome!! I started doing a “Feast with Friends” the week before Thanksgiving to break bread together with good friends. I love it and this year will be our 3rd annual! 🙂

    1. Hi Lindsay,
      The tablecloth was actually a shower curtain that I found at a dollar store and hemmed around the edges. You should be able to find something similar in the bed & bath section of a dollar store or department store.

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