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DIY Cement Valentines



I suppose I could start this post off with some really terrible pun about setting your love in stone this Valentine’s Day, but I won’t do that. (See what I did there?) Instead I’m just gonna say that these little DIY cement valentines are rad. I’m really enjoying working with cement these days, and every time I use it I’m surprised by how easy it is. We’ve used the stuff before, but this time we’ll be doing a little variation on the process. Let’s make some valentines!


Make Time: 1 Hour (plus 1 hour setting time)

Start by prepping your materials. It’s important to have everything ready to go once you start mixing the cement, because this stuff dries fast. In your disposable cup, measure 12 tablespoons of Cement All (water to cement ratio is really crucial, so I recommend leveling off the tablespoons). Then measure in 3 tablespoons + 1/2 teaspoon of water. Stir immediately and vigorously, being sure to get rid of all dry chunks of cement.


Pour carefully into the molds and smooth the tops of the hearts (which will eventually be the bottoms) if needed. Set aside to dry for one hour. After one hour, carefully pop the hearts out of the molds. If desired, sand the bottoms of the hearts so that they’re smooth and flat.


If you’d like, paint your hearts with craft paint. Let dry and begin the stamping process.


To stamp, decide on a short word or two and get your stamps in order. Load ink onto the stamp from the black ink pad and be sure to practice first on a piece of scrap to get the feel of the stamp. Stamp the letters onto the center of a heart and let them dry thoroughly.



Run around on Valentine’s Day and hand them out to all of your buddies! They’re perfect because you can make them for your honey, or a friend, or your cute little niece. I’d love to hear what you’d have your hearts say, too. Have fun! xoxo





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82 thoughts on “DIY Cement Valentines

  1. These are so cute! I love to give valentines to my sister and my girlfriends and these would be perfect.

    Grace, love the idea of making them magnets too!

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  4. These cement hearts I wouldn’t use only for Valentine’s day, but also for other special occasions such as – a special date, birthday, a wedding and so on. From now on, I’ll look on the heart-shaped mold pan differently. It’s interesting like the common things for baking are good for these cute DIYs.

  5. It’s a really really bad idea to make something look like candy if it’s something you wouldn’t want children to mistake for candy and end up swallowing.

    1. Really???? I wish I knew when parents stopped being parents and expected everyone to do the parenting…caution: Not edible, not a toy, not intended for children, etc…


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  8. OK Lovin this idea!! Now to find a mold…anywhoooo I am going to make a few batches of these for a bridal shower as decorations!!! And if guests wish to take some home…that’s ok as well!
    Jackie P

  9. these look so cute. I did a similar thing with polymer clay to make a heart pendant I’m still to finish…but cement sounds scary, however I might need to give it a try because these look so good.

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  12. WOW! What an Amazing Idea. I would NEVER have though of Crafting with Cement of all things. These are SO PRETTY and could have VERY MANY uses. I just HAVE to Try them now. I have MANY Moulds as I also make Organic Soap and can’t wait to see some of these made up in Cement.BTW I thought I was very Familiar with Most Crafting abbreviations by now but could aanyone Please tell Me before I start Pulling Out my Hair, what on Earth is RAWR. Lol. BEAUTIFUL TUTORIAL……..

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