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Printable Wedding Activity Book for Kids

This printable Wedding Activity Book is the perfect resource to keep kids entertained on your big day! Use it at the wedding or the reception and your guests will be so excited that you thought of their little ones. Read on to see more!

Printable Wedding Activity Book for Kids
Printable Wedding Activity Book for Kids

Here’s an idea for all of you brides and grooms to be!  Before Ryan and I got married, we realized our ceremony and reception were going to be chock full of kiddos, and we didn’t have anything fun for them to do.  So I sat right down and started drawing, and ended up with a little activity book that ended up being a HUGE hit.

To this day, it’s our most downloaded item and our most popular blog post. (And we don’t even blog about wedding stuff any more!) But this printable wedding activity book for kids has helped so many brides and grooms, and I hope it helps you too.  Keep reading or just click below for the activity book.

How to Entertain Children at a Wedding Reception

It’s no secret that weddings and receptions can be spectacularly boring for kids. And as the adults, we want to be able to relax, enjoy the festivities, and not be constantly concerned that our little ones are going to scream during the “I do’s” or knock over the wedding cake. So the best plan of action? Keep them entertained.

My favorite weddings to attend, now that I’m a parent, are the ones who consider the kiddos that are invited. And that’s exactly what this printable wedding activity book for kids will do! You can print and prepare these in less than an hour, and it takes minimal materials to put together a fun little pack of crayons or pencils for children to be able to color and do the activities in the book all evening long.

How to Make a Printable Wedding Activity Book for Kids

Before you follow our simple tutorial to create this printable wedding activity book for kids, please note the following!

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANY PORTION OF THIS BOOK BE DOWNLOADED AND REDISTRIBUTED. The content of the book is copyrighted intellectual property and offered solely here for free download and personal use exclusively.


  • computer and printer
  • white copy paper, or cardstock for a thicker book
  • scissors
  • baker’s twine
  • crayons or colored pencils (or you can use these crayon packs)

Step 1: Download our printable wedding activity book for kids.

Step 2: To print, we recommend a test print first. The book prints best at about 90%, so once your print dialogue comes up to print, choose Print options, then under Scale, select 90% or “Fit to Page.”

Step 3: Note: the pages are not out of order. If you are printing at home, print out the page with the car on it first, then on the back of that same sheet, print the front cover of the booklet (ensuring that it doesn’t end up upside-down). Next, print out the page with the cake on it, and on the back of that same sheet, print out the tic-tac-toe page. Make as many double-sided copies of this as you need for all of the children who are attending your wedding or reception.

Step 4: Lay the sheets on top of each other in order, so that the cover of the booklet is on the bottom. Ensure that the edges are all aligned completely. Fold the sheets in half to create your book, making a crease down the center. Use the tip of your scissors (or a hole punch) to poke two holes through the pages right on the crease, about 3 inches apart.

Step 4: Cut a length of baker’s twine, string it through the two holes from the inside of the book toward the outside cover, and tie in a knot or bow on the outside. If you like, you can add embellishments like tassels, pompoms, or anything you like. It’s fun to have the color of the twine correspond with your wedding colors!

Step 5: All you have left to do is arrange for some crayons or colored pencils! You could bundle up small packs of crayons using the same color of baker’s twine, or just leave a big container of crayons or pencils in the center of a kids’ table for them to choose from.

That’s it! Make one of these for each of the kiddos that are attending your wedding and they’ll love it. Hope you use and enjoy our printable wedding activity book for kids during your special day! xoxo


More Ways to Entertain Kids

If you have young kids at home, check out our Two Week At-Home Activity Schedule eBook! It has over 100 ideas for craft, sensory, letter + number learning, and outdoor play activities. It’s an absolute gold mine of ideas!


Printable Wedding Activity Book for Kids
Printable Wedding Activity Book for Kids

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563 thoughts on “Printable Wedding Activity Book for Kids

  1. Chelsea,
    Thank you for your wonderful templates and easy instructions. This will be such a fun addition to the kid packs we are making for my daughter’s wedding! Think I will even make a few extras for the parents 🙂

    1. Hi Debbie, thanks for your comment! Can you clarify what you mean by “convert?” Not sure exactly what issue you’re running into. Let me know if you can clarify and we’ll help you get it all set. Thanks!

  2. Chelsea gave us the thumbs up to use this amazing book for the kids attending our wedding. Waiting at their seats for the reception was a bag with their name on it, crayons and this activity book. It was such a hit! Even some parents got in on the fun and wanted to find the hidden words. Chelsea’s generosity to let us use this book made our wedding even more memorable to our guests! I couldn’t recommend it more for couples planning their own wedding!

  3. Grrr, I’ve a blog on my website and it sucks. I actually
    removed it, but may have to bring it back again. You gave me inspiration!
    Continue writing!

  4. Hey Chels! I am trying to find something for our kids to do during a bridal shower, and I find yours! Yay, winner!! 🙂 BTW, I found a website that had your images in their product for sale; I sent you the link via Pinterest. Thank you for sharing this great idea!

  5. Hello!
    Such a glorious idea!
    Question, if I am printing this document from a printer that prints double-sided automatically, every second page is upside down because it has been formatted for printers where the user manually turns the page upside down and puts it back into the feeder. Can you tell me how I can print it so that all the pages are right-side up when printed on a larger, more modern printer that prints double-sided automatically?

    1. Hi Juliana!
      Awesome question. It’s been quite a while since I made the file, I should probably update for both types of printers! In the meantime, I would just suggest turning off the auto double-side function on your printer and print using these instructions. I’ll try to have the other type of file uploaded before the end of August!

  6. Hi, Chelsea
    Thank you very much for having this available to us.
    the only reason I won’t follow you its because I am not the one who is getting married… Im trying to help a friend… so I don’t want to my friends starting to put ideas in their heads about my current situation… lol…
    but lovely work you have, really appreciate it
    thank you

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