Dispatch from the Desert


You might have noticed from my Instagram feed that I’m hanging out in the desert! Mr. Lovely and I had planned a little trip to Palm Desert with my bestie and her fella, and we’re out here having a grand time. The trip just happened to fall on the same week as my mom’s surgery, so I’m checking in with family like crazy. And you’ll all be happy to know that everything went beautifully — my mom’s a champ and already fighting her way through recovery. (And she’s got a brand new hip to show for it!) After we leave the desert I’ll be heading home to stay with family for a couple of weeks to help with her rehab. I can’t thank you enough for the kind words, thoughts, and prayers — I’m so grateful for all of it.

So for now, I thought I’d leave you with a few snaps from out here! Keep following on Instagram, and next week I’ll share a full recap of our trip. xoxo








11 thoughts on “Dispatch from the Desert”

  1. I’ll be there next week! My first visit to the area so I’m stoked! Glad our trips didn’t overlap though… only because I’ll be wearing the same bikini. Awkward. 😉

    SO glad to hear that all went well for your mom! Speedy recovery!


    1. Oh man, SO awkward. I even thought, “Would B wear this?” Shows how well I know your sense of bikini style. 🙂 Hope you’re having a ball, and thank you for the sweet thoughts for Mom! xo

    1. Oh! It’s actually not sparkly, the photos just make it twinkle a little. 🙂 But it’s my very favorite color polish, Clambake by Essie.

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