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Ten Things: Destinations


All of this boppin’ all over the place has my wanderlust in full gear. The more I travel, the more I love to travel. And I think I’m pretty decent at it — it makes me brave and it makes me smarter, and I feel like it makes me a better version of myself. So if I could pick ten places I’ve never been to for travel adventures, these would top my list.

Egypt. I’ve always wanted to see the pyramids in real life.

Italy. Because duh.

Morocco. I just picture so much color.

Spain — and I’d actually know the language! (Mostly.)

Portugal. The homeland.

Iceland. We had a layover on the way to Paris and I wanted to stay!

The Maldives, for a beachy paradise.

Madagascar, because it sounds like a total adventure.

Ireland. In the rain.

Australia. Mr. Lovely studied abroad there and swears he’ll show me a good time.

I would love to hear your dream destinations, and would love to know if you’ve ever been to any of mine! Any good stories? xoxo

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14 thoughts on “Ten Things: Destinations

  1. I love your list! I have been to Italy, Spain, Ireland (in the rain), and Australia. I loved all of them! I especially loved Australia, because I went there on my honeymoon and the people there are amazing.

    I would say my top ten are:
    1. Japan: I want to see Mt. Fuji and some Shinto temples.
    2. Peru: Machu Picchu!
    3. Finland: I love the language and culture, and I’m going there next year, so don’t know if that counts!
    4. Morocco: fascinating history.
    5. Bora Bora: apparently best beaches in the world.
    6. Brazil: to explore this up and coming country.
    7. Mongolia: steppes + Silk Road.
    8. Cambodia: jungles + Angkor Wat.
    9. Jordan: Petra.
    10. Tanzania: would love to dig for tanzanite.

  2. My list changes every day! One beautiful photo pops up on Pinterest and I’m like “Oh! We have to go there right now!” My favorite foreign cities (the ones even my husband casually checks real estate listings for) were Edinburgh and Barcelona.

  3. I haven’t been ANYWHERE *sob
    Greece (The homeland)
    Paris (Eat my way from place to place…)
    Costa Rica (Sloth Sanctuary!)
    Japan (Countryside, not the city)
    Italy (Because ITALY)

  4. I have been to Italy, Spain, Ireland, and Australia :] All so gorgeous! I wish I had had more time in Ireland though, and I wish I had gone outside of Dublin…it was just beautiful and the people were so nice.

    Places I want to go:
    South Korea
    Czech Republic
    United Arab Emirates

    Hope we can all make all of our dreams come true :]

  5. I would love to visit Santorini in Greece someday. Actually, really I would want to visit the entire Mediterranean region. All of the countries look so beautiful there! Have a great weekend!


  6. Come to Australia – it pretty awesome down here! We went to the arctic circle to see the Northern Lights last year – it’s amazing trust me!

  7. That is a very nice list! I feel very fortunate to say I have already visited Morocco,The Maldives and Italy and they are all amazing destinations, just as anyone would imagine!

    My list sounds something like this:
    1. Thailand
    2. Seychelles
    3. Africa (Tanzania/Kenya/Zambia)
    4. Iceland
    5. USA
    6. Greece
    7. Brazil
    8. Jordan
    9. France
    Bonus + Spain & Portugal


  8. Hi!
    I Loved your list and I was intrigued by your comment about Portugal…
    anyway you should really come to Portugal because there’s so much to see, do and eat!

  9. Hey. What a gorgeous list. I’ve already been to Italy and Spain. This year we went for Barcelona. If you have the chance to visit it – go there! It’s indeed lovely. :]

    My top five dream destinations are:
    New Zealand
    The Caribbean

  10. Right now I’d really like to go back to Italy. Oh, sorry, Sicily (there’s a huge difference between Italy and Sicily).. just to get some sun and take it easy…

    But besides that.. the ultimate destination for me is New Zealand.. since I was a kid.. and still dreamin’ of it.

  11. Well, I’ve been to England and Paris,I am from Greece so it feels weard to say Greece is a destination for me, so my other dream travelling destinations in random order are:
    1) Portugal
    2) Italy
    3) Morocco
    4) Denmark
    5) Iceland
    6) Spain
    7) Bora Bora (I love the sea, so it would be nice to experience those amazing beaches)

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