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There are always flowers for those who want to see them.


I love today’s quote! It’s a helpful reminder to me sometimes that there are beautiful and good things all around you, if you can stop focusing on the negative. And Matisse found such a simple and beautiful way to put it, didn’t he? Those artistic geniuses, I tell ya.

Speaking of genius, today’s designer has totally stolen my heart. Maggie Waller of Type + Title has this style that I just love. The simplicity of her work has such a strength to it, especially when there are so many popular styles of calligraphy right now that are on the more heavy-handed side. I love that it’s something a little different!


At Type + Title, Maggie is a calligrapher, letterer, and freelance designer. She’s also got this really beautifully curated blog that’s just a treat for the eyes! If you just can’t resist, head to her Etsy shop and look through all of those goodies too (I have to — have to — get this little winky face temporary tattoo!).


Download this beauty below and put it on your desktop for some pretty inspiration. Thanks, Maggie! xoxo


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