Ten Things: Daydreams


I would call myself a realistic dreamer. I have wild fancies but I also keep my feet on the ground, which I think is kind of a good combo. But no matter how firmly my feet are planted, it never stops me from daydreaming. I can get pretty lost in a thought, and I think that’s okay. Here are ten things that I often catch myself daydreaming about.

1. Saying the exact right thing during a confrontation (usually after the fact).

2. Playing with my niece and nephew.

3. Living in a foreign country.

4. My future with Mr. Lovely.

5. Punching rude people.

6. Doing perfect pirouettes.

7. Important conversations — thinking about what I would say.

8. Meeting people I admire.

9. Travel.

10. Friends and family in happy circumstances.

Some of them are a little on the angry side — I have a secret desire to be a little more aggressive and stand up for myself. Ha! But most of them are just your standard, lovely, daydreamy things. I’d love to hear yours! Am I weird? Have you ever daydreamed a whole conversation with another person? xoxo

11 thoughts on “Ten Things: Daydreams”

  1. That saying the exact right thing can get you in trouble! I think about that too, but hey, remember “You’ve Got Mail!?”

    I daydream about my husband and mine’s future babies, and also about living in foreign countries. In fact, sometimes he applies to jobs in crazy place just for the heck of it. Nothing’s ever come back, but you never know!

    Enjoy Paris!

  2. I happen to love you followed up a sweet daydream about your husband with “punching rude people”. That’s awesome. I imagine whole conversations too but mostly when I’m nervous about one that I know is coming.

  3. Hahaha. I love your daydream about punching rude people in the face because I totally identify with that. Of course, I’ve never acted on it… It’s just nice to think about sometimes 😉

  4. I daydream endlessly about my future, travel and living in Poland one day.
    I often go through a conversation if I’m nervous but it never goes as it does in my head, the other person doesn’t stick to the script!

  5. just found your blog looking at your watercolor shoes and am so pleasantly surprised at what i have been missing! so happy i found you. your posts are inspiring and beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. daydreamed conversation. with another person. i did. everyday. every moment. every so often. with him. sweet. even if. it’s daydream. mine. 🙂

  7. This was too cute! I’m alllllways daydreaming (you see me walking down the street with that weird dazed look on the face, Imma daydreamin’!) Usually mine are about things that will happen and I just play out how it will all go in my head – like before going on a trip or a special occasion. Mostly though it’s just about being successful and happy… or winning the lottery 😉

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