crazy christmas house

There is this house in my hometown.  I’m sure your hometown has one like it.  It’s that house that rivals the Griswold home in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  This house is decked out with more lights than you can shake a stick at — so many that it makes the local newspaper every year and people drive all over town to get a glimpse of it.  The first year I went, they had a light-up nativity scene, with the Baby Jesus strapped to the grille on their RV.  That’s when I knew these people were serious.

We drove by last night to take another look and the owner happened to be out and about.  He told us that he estimates there are about 60,000 individual lights that make up his display — 14,000 on the tree alone.  He’s been putting up the lights for 24 years.  I think that’s kind of cool.

I thought that this year, you all deserved a taste of the magnificence that is the Crazy Christmas House.  So feast your eyes, dear readers — and get a load of this!  xoxo


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  1. HOLY COW!! There’s a house like this in Eugene OR … wish I knew how to get my pictures animated like yours. The house here, has a radio station dedicated to their house, and their lights dance to whatever song happens to be playing on the station. Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!! Merry Christmas!!

  2. There is something similar in Sarasota . . . it’s just gorgeous to look at and drive by . . . the thought of putting them up and then taking them down and packing them away for next year . . . not so much!!

  3. You’ve got to head south to Turlock and check out the Oxford Court Christmas train. Almost as cool as this house. (Clearly there is no HOA in this guys neighborhood!)

  4. I totally went there the other day! The guy who took me gave me the classic undersell: “They put lights on the roof and on the lawn!” I gasped when I saw it.

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