Lovely Indeed collaborates with brands who are seeking fun, engaging, and integrated partnerships. We work together in fresh and inspiring ways to bring readers closer to you and your brand. Lovely Indeed has a variety of opportunities for sponsorship and collaboration; read on for the deets!


DIY Posts // Example
Want us to make something that utilizes your product or highlights your brand? We wanna do that for you! Lovely Indeed often partners with brands to create new, fun DIY tutorials. These posts encourage readers to interact with the brand and showcase innovative ways to use the product. Past clients include HP, ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape, Glade, and Tic Tacs.


Lifestyle Posts // Example
We love to work with brands to showcase how they fit seamlessly into our lives. Lifestyle post collaborations highlight your brand or product by sharing authentic stories about the way we interact with them. Past clients include Target, Old Navy, West Elm, and Uncommon Goods.


Video // Example
Available as an add-on option to a sponsored post, we’ll produce, create, film, and share a video highlighting your brand. Past clients include BabyList and WallsNeedLove.


Giveaways // Example
Get readers in on the action with a giveaway of goods, products, or services. Shared via a blog post or on various social media outlets, giveaways spread awareness about your brand and gain audience interaction. Past clients include Anthropologie, Land of Nod, and Samsung.


Instagram // Example
Gain awareness for your brand by getting it in front of over 13,000 engaged followers on our Instagram feed. Through a styled series or takeover, we’ll share images that highlight your brand and get readers pumped about it! Past clients include WallsNeedLove, Glade, and Munchkin.

To propose a collaboration, please send an email to hello{at}lovelyindeed{dot}com. Can’t wait to hear from you!