closings, planes, and good sounds

So here I am, in Denver, on my second layover of the day, almost home to California.  I will have been in four states by 1 p.m. today; that may not be a personal record, but it’s pretty darn close.  Cowgirls closed last night, and, I have to say, it was kind of the perfect little package of a show.  Open long enough to explore some things with some amazing actors, and closed soon enough that no one got bored or went crazy.  Mostly.  It’s an experience for which I’m extremely thankful.

Anyhoo, that’s why I am on this crazy Montgomery-to-Memphis-to-Denver-to-Sacramento journey; because the show closed, and I’m headed home to have some family time.  And it was on the Memphis to Denver leg that something magical happened.  I had just gotten out my MacBook and turned it on, when, at the same serendipitous moment, the flight attendant asked for my drink order.  I got a Diet Coke and he offered me the whole can.  Then, at the exact same second, my computer chimed its lovely “start-up” chord, and the flight attendant flipped open the pop-top on the Diet Coke.  And I realized that those two sounds make me feel really good.

They just sounded like good things.  You know?  Those sounds that evoke an almost physical reaction because you know they mean something wonderful is coming?  A Diet Coke can opening is one of my favorites.  (And, yes, it sounds different if it’s regular Coke.  Not as snappy or fizzy.)  Some of my others:  a tinny-sounding overture on any Original Cast Recording of a musical written and recorded before 1970.  My mom and dad’s “hello” when they pick up the phone.  A longboard hitting the pavement when you drop it just before a ride.  Hearing my students sing a chord that would suddenly lock into tune.  My bestie’s voice saying she forgot to tell me something huge.  A ’57 Chevy starting up.

So, I wanna know — what are your sounds?  Betcha we have some of the same.


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  1. Love your blog!

    My favorite sounds: theme song to my favorite show, my text message alert, sound of an airplane taking off, and the sound of a car starting.

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