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Happy Monday, Lovelies!  Hope you had an absolutely perfect weekend.  We’re back this morning with another little tidbit from the ol’ wedding-planning files.

In designing the reception centerpieces, I floundered a bit trying to come up with something that I thought was just right.  Our venue is already pretty leafy and lush, and I didn’t want anything to detract from that.  On the flip side, I didn’t want barren, sad-looking tables.  Another consideration:  I always hate it when a centerpiece blocks my view of the person across from me.  And finally, we wanted whatever was going to be on the table to have some personality, and not just be there arbitrarily.

Our tables are going to be rectangular and about nine feet long, so I knew we’d want a runner.  On top of the runner, here’s what we came up with:  simple florals that look like they could have been plucked right out of the garden, tucked into vintage mason jars.  Scattered between those will be stacks of vintage books, some possibly bound in twine.  And nestled here and there throughout, some of our vintage letterpress blocks from home.

While some of these photos don’t necessarily fall within our color scheme, they’re all pretty inspiring, and have the vibe that I’m totally digging.  Enjoy!  xoxo

1.  Via Kathryn Leach Home.  2.  Via The Knot.  3.  Via Strumpet’s Crumpets.  4.  Via A Timeless Affair.  5.  Via Country Living.  6.  Via Vignette Design.  7.  Via Five Almonds.  8.  Via Kelly Rae Roberts.  9.  Via Vintage Pickins.  10.  Via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

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