brotherhood of man?

I walked out of Chelsea Studios after an audition today, and here’s what I saw: Busy street, bunches of people walking fast. A raggedy, (I’m assuming) homeless, African American man, who had scored a half-smoked cigarette off of the ground. He had no way to light it. A white man in an expensive suit walked by, yapping loudly and importantly on an iPhone, with a lit cigarette in his hand. The first guy flagged the second guy down by waving the used cigarette in the air (with some desperation, I might add). The second guy didn’t hesitate for a second, pulled over, got his lighter, lit the cigarette (shouting into his phone the whole time), and walked away. They both went back to their business, like it never happened. No words were exchanged.

I didn’t know whether my heart should feel full or empty.


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