broadway bootcamp

So, the reality is that there is probably no better class that I could be taking right now to get myself back into shape after being on tour for so long. One of my qualms with coming to China was that I had been really looking forward to just living in the city, taking a ton of dance classes and voice lessons, and getting fierce for the next big audition season. But this — this will do the trick just fine.

We’re singing and dancing for 7 hours daily, and as a dance swing, I’m covering 5 girls’ tracks. It’s completely intense, and I find myself not struggling to keep up so much with the amount of material, but with the technique — these girls are all gorgeous dancers, and I struggle just to keep a double pirouette clean. There are multiple times daily where, literally, I remind myself that giving up is not an option. I’m here, in this amazing new place, with an opportunity to come out of this experience better (on so many levels), and I will push through. But if Jenn says “double in tap shoes” one more time, I’m gonna cry.
The great thing is that the majority of the dancers are so sweet, and willing to help with anything that I need. I’m completely up front about the fact that I’m not a dancer-dancer, and that this is definitely a learning experience for me. But the bottom line is that if I need to go in for someone, I want to do that track justice, and not just “get by.”
So that’s where I am. Oh, and: don’t drink the water.

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