brighten up//sea colors

Hey hey, Monday lovers!  We’re getting this week off to a dreamy start with not just one color but a whole palette.  The colors of the sea are so inspiring, aren’t they?  There are so many intricate shades, from sea foam to deep blue and everything in between.  And today’s images are particularly cool — we’ve got bugs, ink clouds, lovely little illustrations, and the most organized pile of sea glass you’ve ever seen.  Feast your eyes on today’s Brighten Up, and let it start your week with a bang!  xoxo

Spoon. Bug. Ink. Crepe paper. Illustration. Sea glass. Necklace.

4 thoughts on “brighten up//sea colors”

  1. These green/blue/teals are just my favorite palette. I love how they blend into each other and sometimes you can’t tell. . .is it blue. . . or it green?? That in-between color is dreamy.

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