brighten up//hibiscus

Hey!  It’s Monday!  I’m still loving this new color column, so let’s get to it.  I know that there are some persnickety folks who might have a bone to pick with me over calling this color hibiscus rather than coral, but hey — who cares?  Any way you slice it, it’s gorgeous.  This particular orangey-pink hue makes me long for summertime, out-of-control sunsets, and fruity drinks.  Oh, and obviously a quick trip to Hawaii.  xoxo

Feather. Llama. Bag. Necklace. Curtains. Couch.

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  1. I have already told you the story of my neon hibiscus hand-crafted necklace and Santa Cruz when I was 7, so I will just take this opportunity to salute your blog and your color column. <3

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