brighten up // lilac

I don’t usually participate in much purple action, but this fun version of the shade is really doing it for me! It kind of borders on Pinkland, which is right next door to Purpletown, and it kind of just makes me want to have fun. Not to mention the fact that amethyst is my birthstone, so maybe I should just get on the train to Purpletown and ride it all the way there. (Don’t judge my metaphors, it’s Monday, okay? Besides, I like trains.)

Annnnnyway, what’s your fave? I’d seriously trade at least ten things from my closet for that crazy romper! So, so perfect for summertime. Have a great week, guys! xoxo

Boots. Photo. Drink. Geode. Rug. Watch. Chandelier. Romper.

7 thoughts on “brighten up // lilac”

  1. I love Purple… as you know! This is a pretty shade! I’d like to see if I enjoy that drink as much as I do the color purple 🙂
    Miss you lady! Hope you are doing well!

    1. Kristin, those photos are TO DIE FOR! I think my faves are the confetti ones — but that rug on the beach is pretty awesome as well. Congrats on your engagement!

  2. I really want that rug and that chandelier for my baby girl’s nursery! I won’t meet her ’til this fall, but I’ve already decided her color is lilac/lavender. It suits her. I’ll claim mother’s intuition to back me up on this one. 😉

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