brighten up // dreamy scenes

I’ve been pinning some things recently that have me wishing for foggy mornings, silvery mists, and quiet cups of tea. Never mind the fact that it’s still summer in LA — the weather in my head is absolutely dreamy. Here are a few finds that are leaving me in a hazy state of longing for winter. Any faves? Happy Monday! xoxo

Brighten Up

Honeycomb Necklace. Mount Olympia Constellation Print. New York in Winter. Andi Wallet. Stardust Camera Strap. Creme de la Creme Sweatshirt. Stag Photo — Source Unknown. Please comment if you know!

6 thoughts on “brighten up // dreamy scenes”

  1. Love this post!!! Guess what, I’m wearing long pants for the first time since April! And socks! Right in the middle of the day! Yay.

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