brighten up // chocolate

In honor of the first week of fall, let’s get a little earth tone-y! Today we’ve got a palette full of chocolatey goodness, from milk to extra dark. And there happen to be two of the most awesome iPhone cases up in the mix, too — the ice cream sandwich is pretty great, but I’m really jonesing for the one that looks like a little vintage camera. And that strap would make it so handy!

Happy fall, and happy Monday! xoxo

Brighten Up

Living room. Ice cream case. Boots. Camera case. Pinecones. Macarons.

7 thoughts on “brighten up // chocolate”

  1. THANK YOU for finding that camera case! Just ordered! I’ve been looking for one for a while now, don’t know how I never came across it! 🙂

    You rock.

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