Boho Christmas Tree Ideas

A boho Christmas tree brings such lovely, natural vibes to a space! Try some of these ideas, DIYs, and easy crafts to add to your boho Christmas decor.

boho Christmas tree

Each year, I participate in a local charity event with other designers and artists. We each design, decorate, and donate a tree (sponsored by a local business) to be auctioned to the community.

The auction benefits Community Hospice, an organization that helps individuals and families who are facing health crises or end-of-life journeys.

I’ve been so honored to be a small part of this program for the last three years (here’s my first tree, and my second tree). And today I get to share the third: a boho Christmas tree design.

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boho Christmas tree

What Is Boho Style?

The term “boho” is actually a shortened version of the word Bohemian, which was a term coined to name the community of carefree and artistic creatives in 19th century Paris. (If you’re thinking of Moulin Rouge right now, you would be generally correct.)

But essentially, the spirit of “boho” decor is a relaxed, laid back take on a space. Incorporating natural textures and colors. Bringing in pieces from far-off travel and incorporating them into your home.

Boho decor is a way to marry pieces from various cultures and time periods.

As the modern boho movement has become more trendy in recent years, it’s moved into a very specific look — neutral colors, natural elements like wood, rattan, and fiber arts, and a very relaxed aesthetic.

boho Christmas tree

Why a Boho Christmas Tree?

While I don’t incorporate much of the modern boho vibe in my own space, I happen to think it looks lovely on a Christmas tree!

The natural elements bring so much texture to the holiday decor, and the boho ornaments look magical tucked into the branches.

Twinkly lights peek through macrame, wooden beads, and woven pieces to add some extra magic.

Ideas for a Boho Christmas Tree

For this tree, I handmade five different styles of ornaments and garlands. They all came together with some standard glass ornaments to create a unique and chic tree.

Click through on each link for a full tutorial on how to make the individual ornaments

Snow-Covered Ornaments. These clear glass balls were filled with natural elements like wheat stalks, and covered with sparkly faux snow to bring the outdoors in.

Tassel Ornaments. It doesn’t get simpler than these unique tassel ornaments, and they add so much texture to a boho Christmas tree.

Wood Bead Ornaments. I love these easy wood bead ornaments, and they look great strung together as a garland as well.

Macrame Christmas Trees. Everyone’s favorite DIY ornament on the boho tree! This simple tree ornament is a perfect introduction to macrame knots.

Pom Pom Ornaments. Big, fluffy pom poms in neutral colors added a whimsical touch to top it all off.

boho Christmas tree
boho Christmas tree

Extra Accents around the tree

It’s fun to carry a theme throughout your holiday decor, and I have a few other projects to help you do just that with your boho Christmas tree!

Try creating this fluffy ottoman – it’s a statement piece that’s easy to make using a blanket and some throw pillows or batting.

Create a bowl of pretty pine cone fire starters. They’re not just lovely to look at but they make it easy to light a fire in the fireplace.

If you don’t have a tree stand or skirt, try putting your tree into a wicker or rattan basket for an added boho touch.

boho Christmas tree
boho Christmas tree

Hope you love this boho Christmas tree! Be sure to check out some of our other best holiday ideas below. xoxo

boho Christmas tree

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  1. Boho Christmas tree ideas offer a creative and eclectic twist to traditional holiday decor. Think vibrant colors, natural materials, and unique ornaments like macrame, tassels, and handmade crafts. You can incorporate elements like feathers, rattan, and wooden beads for a cozy, bohemian vibe. And while diving into the festive spirit, it’s essential to stay mindful of prescribed medications and any health needs, ensuring a joyful and healthy holiday season for all!