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Blogging // How Do You Use Social Media?


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the way that I use social media in my personal life and for my business, and how those things kind of overlap sometimes. Are you a blogger or a business owner? And if you are, how do you use your social media? I’m so curious to know how other people approach the whole sitch.

It’s kind of tricky, because when you’re “building a brand” the best folks will tell you to make your brand cohesive everywhere. And that means a blog or shop that has the same vibe as your Pinterest boards, which matches the feel of your Instagram feed, which gets along with your Tweets & Facebook, and on and on. And that makes sense and I get it and I do try to aim in that direction.

But the problem with that is sometimes I feel like the person behind it all gets lost. The other day I wanted to post a photo of Mr. Lovely and I actually gave it a second thought because my most liked photos are not of people. I creeped myself out! I actually thought of not posting the photo because I was afraid it wouldn’t get enough likes. That. Is. Gross. Luckily, the person and not the brand won out and I posted it. (Also he’s really cute, so there’s that.)

See the thing is, I believe that there is value in keeping yourself present in your social media, and not letting it just boil down to a bunch of images and status updates that are “in line with your brand.” But at the same time, I know that it’s a slippery slope and at the end of the day, my blog is my business. I guess this is all to say that I really try to find a balance in social media of injecting enough of myself to feel like my brand is still true to me, and not just a lovely machine. The other day I hesitated on pinning something to my Pinterest page because it wasn’t necessarily a perfectly composed image. But again, I just pinned it and threw caution to the wind.

I’m also not trying to kid myself into thinking there aren’t people out there doing it better than I am — people who have keen eyes and a straight-ahead vision of their brand, and who show it in everything that they do on social media. And I have crazy respect for that. I think it’s just a matter of finding the sweet spot where it all feels comfortable, and trying to stay right about there.

I would really love to hear your take on this one! Have a good day, guys. xoxo

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15 thoughts on “Blogging // How Do You Use Social Media?

  1. I always love seeing the real person behind the brand/blog whatever it is, so I hope you keep on doing what you are doing!

  2. Good on you! I much prefer seeing the ‘real’ person behind a blog, instead of a perfectly cultivated image that seems forced or empty. Go with your gut!

  3. I actually stopped using Facebook last year, and never used Twitter nor Instagram. I am really happy about that decision. I didn’t enjoy updating my blog’s Facebook page (I’d actually already stopped doing it on my personal page too!) and I never created a Twitter account because it all sounds too intrusive and overwhelming for me. I don’t have an Instagram account either. I only have my blog, my Pinterest page and my freshly opened shop… and I intend to keep things that way. I find social media too time-consuming, pressuring and intrusive. I am by no means judging those who use it, though! It just didn’t work for me anymore, even if I know how social media helps gaining followers/readership/clients/etc.

    You are right when you say you have to find the most comfortable spot when using social media both for your business and personal life. It must be hard to find that balance, but I am sure you will find it and rock it! 🙂

    PS: Love your blog! I think it’s the first time I comment here!

  4. I don’t really use Facebook for my blog (then again it’s a young blog). I use Instagram and Twitter a lot. But I think it’s important to have some unique identity in SM. That’s why people follow your blog–you have something unique to offer! They want to see a full circle–not just the business side.

  5. I’m glad the person won over the brand when you chose to post the photo of your Mister. I really love to know WHO is behind the brand, not always the perfectly placed photo. That is why I love social media: to connect with PEOPLE, not always what they are selling.

    It is a hard balance, and I wish I could find it as well.

  6. H and I have a blog together, We have a Facebook page for our blog and one personal account each which are quite private. We both have Instagrams and Pinterest accounts, which we have linked on our blog, but are our own personal accounts. We also have a twitter for our blog and each separate personal twitter accounts too. We mostly try and keep personal stuff on our personal accounts and blog stuff to the blog accounts, but sometimes things will cross over. I think it depends on your blogging style, I love your blog because of the real, personal touches. Maybe it’s easier for me to separate as their are two of us sharing the blog. The things we post on our blog’s Facebook/twitter are blog related, therefore not very personal, but I never think twice about posting personal stuff on instagram as it is my personal account, not a blog account… does that make sense? I Understand keeping your brand aesthetics across social media but if your blog includes personal touches so can your social media. The people behind the brands are often as important as the brands themselves.
    Sammy xxx

  7. Don’t ever hide the person away from social media! You are right, it is a fine balance, especially when your business is yourself, really.

  8. I struggle with that too…debating posting photos because it may not have enough likes, but at the end of the day, these are my photos and my memories, and my life…and while I LOVE blogging- I really want to look back and remember my life, not just what color I painted my room, or what yummy dish we made. 🙂 Hard balance for sure though.

  9. I host a fairly new lifestyle blog, …there is always grey, and have been struggling with this question since I started. I appreciate when a brand is “humanized.” I feel there is a stronger connection to the brand, when I know the person/people behind it.

    I do feel that sometimes social media can be a bit contrived. I hate when posts seemed forced. Adding a personal element to Twitter/Facebook, etc, softens the reading experience, in some cases.

    Good luck with the ongoing discussion.

    Brett//…there is always grey

  10. I definitely struggle with this as well. Partially because I am a private person for the most part ( can bloggers still be private? haha ), but also because it’s so hard to find the line of personal and blog / business related sharing! I like sharing my personal posts on social media though because I think it gives a bigger peek into my life and because I like reading the personal posts that others share!

  11. I don’t really have anything to add to what you’ve already said, but I know first-hand that it can be a struggle. Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and go with what feels right, because after all YOU created your brand, so YOU know it best!

  12. I totally empathise with Charlotte on this one. I think I going to follow her advise and quit posting FB updates!! I squirm every time I post a personal FB entry (which is rare) let alone when I post one on my blog page! If you’re not comfortable, don’t do it!! 🙂
    However, I do think this is a generational thing partly, the youngersters these days have grown up sharing all the little details of their goings on, so are maybe more comfortable doing it? Man, writing this males me feel ooooold!! Hehe!

  13. I try to keep my personality in everything I do cuz really…I can’t control it. It comes out anyway. I put swears in my recipe instructions and awkward hashtags on my Instagram photos. I posted about the death of my dad on my blog even though I typically only post about pretty pretty things.
    I think of some of my favorite blogs but the ones that don’t share ANYthing deep about themselves? I don’t connect with them. They have pretty pictures and great ideas but I always skim the text. I READ your posts and identify with you. That’s much better than a strict cohesive brand.
    I think.

  14. I hate the idea of making all my social media have the same feel, because honestly, they are so different for me. I use different channels for different things, and that’s on purpose! I can’t stand seeing people I know seem like strangers on social media in attempts to be in line with their brand. I think this whole blogging thing has sent people away from the whole point of it in the first place–to connect with others. Anyway, awesome and honest post, and please share tons of personal stuff without fear of lacking likes! I prefer REAL any day.

  15. This is super helpful! I’m just starting out with my blog, and can use all the information I can get.

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