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Blogging // The Future

The Future of Blogging

Hey Monday lovers! Hope you had an absolutely swell weekend. I’m coming atcha this fine morning with a few thoughts and a question for you: What do you think is the future of blogging?

Usually when I write posts in this here Blogging series, I share my processes or thoughts about my blogging experience. But I’ve been thinking lots lately about my job, and how it might look in the future. What do you think blogging will look like in the years to come? Do you think it will stand the test of time? Do you think that it’ll be a relative flash in the pan and eventually make way for some new type of technology or media that doesn’t yet exist? Something in between?

No one could have ever predicted that magazines and newspapers would suffer because of this magical, futuristic technology we call the internet. I’m sure when the concept of the blog was created it was never meant to take the place of print journalism. But that’s what’s happening, little by little. So is there something out there that will take the place of blogging? These days, I feel  like part of my job is to keep my eye on the horizon to find out that very thing. And to bring it to you, ASAP, when I find out what it is. That’s part of the reason that we did our big fancy redesign — I wanted the blog to feel more like a destination, an experience. Because I’m feeling like that might be the future for Lovely Indeed.

I’d love to know your thoughts! The face and world of blogging has already changed dramatically and it’s still such a relatively new medium, in the grand scheme of things. What do you think is next? Is there a next? Or will blogs be around for a while? Let me know what you think and let’s have a convo! xoxo

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9 thoughts on “Blogging // The Future

  1. I’ve heard a lot of bloggers on this subject. I don’t think blogs are going to fade out but they will defiantly evolve. I think that blogs may become more like online magazines with a more destination-y feel while still retaining a personal touch.

  2. I think blogs are here to stay for now but I think bloggers who are long winded are out. I like Instagram because you can get a glimpse on what may be on someone’s blog without clogging up to much of my personnal time.

    1. Interesting! The “microblogging” idea that Instagram allows for is pretty great, isn’t it? Little bite-sized pieces that you can get through quickly but are still inspiring and beautiful!

  3. Look how long we all enjoyed magazines–years and years! Wouldn’t it be the same for great blogs? It is a good idea that you keep your eye out for what might be ahead, though. That’s just wise. I don’t find your blog long; it seems to be well-paced, with an economy of words, respects our time constraints, is beautiful, happy, informative, and fun!

  4. I loved this post. It made me think about what would happen to blogs after time and in my opinion, I think that soon videos or vlogs have become quite popular these days. However I do think that blogs will be around for a while and I’m hoping that over the years, they begin to get as much recognition as youtubers or movie stars or singers get.

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