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Blogging // Font Resources

FontResourcesI’ve been getting quite a few questions from you awesome people recently about some of my resources when it comes to blogging, so for all of you bloggers (or otherwise interested) peeps, here’s a new column! We’re just calling it Blogging, so we can keep it easy-breezy and cover just about anything that you’d like to know about. I decided to kick it off with some resources for awesome fonts, because that’s one of my numero uno questions. So let’s do it!

First of all, I kind of collect fonts like I collect jewelry. I love finding new ones, I go through them and organize them, I try them on different projects like I try on earrings with an outfit. Seriously. It’s a thing. But where do they all come from, right?! Here’s the deal. There are zillions of fonts that you can find on the internet. Often, you can find them for free. But I do find that the really, really good ones cost a little money for licensing, and to pay the awesome person that created them. So here are some of my favorite paid font sites to wander through. I love these sites because the fonts are consistently rad and the sites themselves are beautiful to look at.

Ten Dollar Fonts
You Work For Them
My Fonts
Lost Type Co-Op (Technically you pay what you like, but you should always pay something!)
Chank Fonts (They also have a free section!)

Like I said, there are bunches of free font sites out there that you can get lost in. But my favorites are the ones that are organized and clean. These tend to be my go-tos:

Font Squirrel
1001 Free Fonts
Font Space
Google Web Fonts (Nice and easy to integrate these fonts into web design!)

And if that’s not enough font inspiration for you, you should follow Font Friday on Twitter! It’s a gang of typography lovers who share their favorite fonts once a week.

Another killer tool that might come in handy is a font search database, for those times when you see a font but don’t know the name or where to find it. In cases like that, check out What The Font and see if it can help you recognize the font you found!

And last but not least, have you ever tried making your own font? I’ve never done it, but Mr. Lovely just found this site where you can make a font from your own handwriting. Sounds cool, no? If you try it or have done it, I’d love to hear about it!

So that’s it for our first round! If you’ve got a topic that you’d love to see tackled in the Blogging column, don’t be afraid to leave a comment or shoot me an email. I love sharing secrets, so let’s get ’em all out there! xoxo

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11 thoughts on “Blogging // Font Resources

  1. Yay, fonts! I’m totally with you on collecting fonts. Font Squirrel is my go to, but I’ll have to check out some of these other sites!

  2. Yes, yes, yes to all of these. I love Font Squirrel and Lost Type Co-Op! They always have such fun fonts!

  3. This helps out so much! I have been working on graphics this week and seen random fonts around the internet that were tough to find. Search through Pinterest helped a lot as well.

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  5. This is really interesting, love to hear the workings behind your blog and the way you work. Fantastic insight, thanks!

  6. Thank you for this great article! I’m wondering if you have learned anything about other sites or apps where you can design a new font. I was searching for I-can’t-remember-what in the app store for my Mac and happened upon some font creation apps. A few were under $10 and one was over $300. There was nothing in between and as usual with app descriptions, none of them really told me enough about what they were capable of doing for me to decide which to try. I would guess the expensive one is probably the only one that would create a complete font that could be used across programs, but I don’t want to spend that much on an experiment. I will look into it further and hope you’ve found something, too. I think it would be really fun to create a signature font.

Free Email Series

Easter Outside the Basket!

5 DIYs for a Creative + Colorful Easter

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