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Blogging // Color

Color Resources

One of my very favorite things to do when I’m working on a post or my blog design is mess with color. And it’s so cool that our computers allow us to change things up with just a single click. It’s the best! Lots of you have asked how and where I work on color and color palettes, so get ready for some secret tips.

One of my favorite sites for choosing colors and palettes is Kuler. You can choose a color and the site will generate a bunch of palettes for you that are complementary in different ways. Another super rad feature is that you can upload a photo to the site and it will create a palette for you, based on the photo. Once it gives you a palette, you can make adjustments to the color choices if you want, so it’s never set in stone. Then you can save all of your palettes to your account for reference! So great. (You can also browse through other users’ colors to get inspiration!)

Another killer site for color inspiration is COLOURlovers. Just like on Kuler, you can browse through other users’ palettes. You can also search by keyword, a certain color, the most popular, and on and on.

One last color trick up my sleeve is just looking at my own Pinterest feed! Do you ever do that? So often, I’ll be pinning the same colors over and over, or be making a really lovely palette and not even realizing it. So I’ll take a screenshot and pull some colors from that for my latest design.

Color Palette

What about you? Any other color sites that you love or find useful? Be sure to leave them in the comments! xoxo

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11 thoughts on “Blogging // Color

  1. I just discovered Kuler a couple months ago and love it. I just love seeing how different colors work together and following color trends.

  2. COLOURLovers is amazing. I know it’s cheesy but my favorite part of the site is that you can name your colors if you “create” a color that doesn’t exist in their database yet. You could have your own HEX color. So nerdy and so awesome.

    I’m a color nerd 100%.

  3. Wow this sites are amazing. The one that i knew is You can move around your mouse to watch different colors and when you like one just click to save it, keep clicking on and save your collection, it´s pretty practical too!

  4. I’ve always loved the bright and quirky colours on your blog, thanks for sharing your colour secrets! Always good to know 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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