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big, big news

Okay, I’ll cut right to the chase:  Mr. Lovely and I are moving!  After five years living a crazy life in NYC, we’re heading back to California to be west coasters!

We’ve been kind of rolling the idea around in our heads for a year or two now, but the time hasn’t been right until just recently.  Most of you probably know that we both came to NY to do the musical theatre thing, which we have been doing and has been so rewarding.  We’ve literally traveled the country and the world together doing shows, and have met our closest friends in the theatre.  But we both feel ready for the next adventure now that we’ve conquered the city, and we’re just longing for that California sun.  We’ll also be much closer to family, which makes me smile to think about.

All in all, we are both so excited, and kind of chomping at the bit for our moving date!  On the flip side, I keep thinking of things that I’ll miss about NYC, which has been so kind to us.  But it’s not a sadness — it’s more a nostalgia that I feel, which is just another thing that tells me that it’s the right decision for us.

We’re planning on living in the LA area (which is pretty broad, I know), and scoping out places once we’re out there.  It’s crazy to be moving to a place and not have a place to move into, but I know that everything will fall in line.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear your take on the LA area if you live around there.  And once we’re there, we’ll need to make some friends!  Maybe a little LA blogger meetup is in order?

And also, this is my second cross-country move.  Have you ever made a drastic move like that?  There’s so much that goes into it, isn’t there?  But I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything. I feel like these are the choices that lead you to experience life to the fullest, and that’s how Mr. Lovely and I have always talked about living.  In any case, here’s to the next chapter!  xoxo

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17 thoughts on “big, big news

  1. Congrats, that is exciting!! I live in South Orange County, which I love. I imagine you want to be close to LA for work, but you’ll definitely have to venture south towards Laguna sometime. There are some great restaurants & art galleries!

  2. I am royally envious and excited for you! I’ve been wanting to taste the West coast life for a while now. Just to see how I like it. One day 🙂

    I hope you have a lovely adventure and I am so excited to read all about them- Good Luck!


  3. We made a huge move a little over 2 years ago. From Central California to Eugene Oregon. HUGE shell shock first of all. Life is SO much different in Eugene. That being said, it’s SO much better. Cleaner air too!! Good luck on your move!!

  4. WAHOO! This. Is. So exciting. While I haven’t lived there, I’ve heard good things about North Hollywood. Pasadena, La Crescenta, and La Canada-Flintridge I really like, and also Pacific Palisades.

    But regardless– I’m coming over. 🙂

  5. I’d say Anaheim….out of the “LA grind” but not too bad of a drive. Of course, it ultimately depends on how close you need to be to something in terms of “work”. Anaheim is pretty centrally located to all of “LA” in the grander sense.

  6. How exciting! I’m sure it’s scary, but what an adventure to get to go on with your best friend! You guys will do great in LA! Excited for all the new opportunities available. If you guys come through Oklahoma and need a place to stay let us know! 😉

  7. Woohoo for an awesome new adventure. But I’ll miss you, and selfishly, don’t want you to move. 😉 WE HAVE TO MEET UP ONE MORE TIME! 🙂

  8. Hooray, how exciting!! You’re headed to my coast! I just made the move from the NY area to LA last year. It was a little hectic but nothing beats the California sun! We live in Hancock Park and absolutely love it. I’m definitely in for a blogger meet up, excited to have another crafty mind in LA! =)

  9. Butterfly, Cali is so lucky to be gaining the lovelies. I will miss you…but am thrilled for the upcoming adventure. <3

  10. Congrats! Good luck. We’re moving to NYC this month. It’s not cross country, but we’re mentally preparing ourselves. I have friends who live in North Hollywood and absolutely love it. Hope it’s also fulfilling for your careers!

  11. Very exciting news! I vote for a beach community. We’re in Santa Monica, which we love, but Venice is also incredible. Silverlake is definitely a place you should look into and possibly Echo Park (still in the gentrification process). Parts of Downtown, like Little Tokyo, might also work for you, but it’s still very mixed on safety and quality. Oh, this is getting long, so if you want more of our Angeleno opinions, have Mr Lovely email me. Otherwise, I hope to meet you when you get out here!
    Also, you might find HiddenLA useful:

  12. I’m in Redondo Beach but know people who live in Santa Monica and love it. I’ve also heard great things about Silverlake. Very excited for you and hopefully we could meet up once you’re moved in 🙂

Free Email Series

Cozy + Creative!

Five Projects and Recipes for a Festive Fall.

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