The Best No-Dye Easter Egg Ideas Ever

DIY Alphabet Easter Eggs
I don’t know when I developed such a fascination for decorating Easter eggs but something tells me I can blame Pinterest. I particularly love the no-dye Easter egg ideas, because the whole dye thing is fun but such a mess and kind of limiting. But as it turns out, Easter eggs are quite a versatile little canvas when you start branching out with your materials! I’m a big fan of spray painting eggs these days (especially faux eggs that you can use year after year), but the folks on this came up with some even cooler ideas. Feast your eyes on these no-dye egg ideas and recreate your favorite. And before you get lost in all of these insanely creative projects, click the link below to pin the ideas so you can keep track of them all in one place.


Absolute best no-dye Easter egg ideas

Typography Eggs from Lovely Indeed
Painterly Pastel Eggs from Paper & Stitch
Swan & Flamingo Eggs from Studio DIY
Painted Plastic Eggs from Tell Love and Party
Succulent Easter Egg Planters from Sarah Hearts
Gold Geometric Eggs from Lovely Indeed
Icon Easter Eggs from Lovely Indeed
Bouffant Easter Eggs from Studio DIY
Gold Leaf Eggs from A Pumpkin and a Princess
Alphabet Easter Eggs from Lovely Indeed
Fruit Stamped Eggs from Delineate Your Dwelling
Floral Crown Eggs from Flax and Twine

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