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Best Back-To-School Supplies for Grownups

Hey Lovelies! We’ve got Erin back again today, sharing her impeccable taste when it comes to back-to-school! Her favorite BTS picks have me wishing I was heading back for a new school year. Read on to see her choices. xoxo

It’s back to school season and we’ve already completed our first homework assignment. You know, the kind that involves shopping around for the cutest back to school finds for grown-ups. It really isn’t a bad gig, especially if you’re like us and feeling a little nostalgic about the whole thing. If you are in the mood to freshen up your home office or add a little organization to your work life, then check out our top picks that we think make the grade!

Favorite Back to School Supplies

  1. Give your homemade lunch an instant makeover with these  DIY printable lunch bags.
  2. A tote-ally adorable backpack that was originally designed for Swedish school children in the 70s… Love it!
  3. The bkr glass bottle comes in fun and refreshing colors and will have you sipping in style.
  4. sticky note set that is intended to motivate you to get stuff done.
  5. This dots and feelings stapler is on my wish list. hint hint. 
  6. This lunch tray inspired desk organizer will help keep things in their place.
  7. I am very busy folders to state the obvious and of course keep your papers looking neat.
  8. It’s going to be an inspiring year, so a notebook is a must for jotting down those brilliant ideas.
  9. Because washi tape is my favorite and this school-inspired paper tape set is no exception.

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5 thoughts on “Best Back-To-School Supplies for Grownups

  1. I’ve wanted a Fjallraven Kanken backpack for so long! Maybe this will be the year. 🙂 I’m loving all of these school supplies! (And I am actually going back to school!)

  2. hi i am Claudia and i just love your things for back to school. i was hoping if i can buy some of this stuff for my back to school.

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