beegee bag giveaway winner!

Well, my dears, December has been a lovely whirlwind of giving, and we’re buttoning it up with our grand finale giveaway: a clutch from the girls at BeeGee Bags! I’m pretty excited about this one, because I won a BeeGee myself a few weeks ago, and I know how much I love it. So let’s get down to business! This week’s winner is…

Kristina Stamper!

Kristina, we hope that the clutch is the perfect wrap-up to your holiday season, and a fancy-pants way to ring in the new year!  Use it in good health.  We’ll contact you soon to send you the bag!

And a big, fat thank you to all of the rest of you lovelies, who have been reading along and entering the giveaways!  I hope you’ve enjoyed our holiday extravaganza as much as I have.  And even more than that, I hope your holidays have been warm, cozy, and full of cheer.  I’m so looking forward to 2011, and I hope you are too; there’s much more Lovely Indeed excitement to come, and a whole mess of adventures are awaiting, so let’s do it!

See ya back here tomorrow — we’re tackling another goal on the 30 by 30, so don’t miss it!  xoxo

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