Backyard Yoga with Old Navy Active

Backyard Yoga with Old Navy Active

I’m pretty pumped (no pun intended) to be working on this style series with Old Navy, and even more pumped because this month I get to talk about their Active line! You guys might remember how I feel about their gym clothes, but just in case you need a little reminder: I heart them. Lots. They’ve replaced all of my other workout clothes at this point (especially a few crazy expensive, fancy brands, which shall remain unnamed), and they’re my go-to for active wear.

Backyard Yoga with Old Navy Active

I’m kind of a workout fan, so I like to make sure I’m comfy in whatever I wear when I’m getting my fitness on. And truly, the compression pants are my favorite thing to wear to the gym (or to wear while I’m doing yoga on my sister’s lawn…). They stop my jiggle, which is crucial, and they just feel good. I especially love that they don’t stretch out after lots of wearing and washing. My other fave is their padded sports bras, which I’m not ashamed to say that I desperately need. Ha. But you get my drift.

And I couldn’t resist picking up this awesome workout tee on my last trip to Old Navy. The colors are good and the sentiment is even better. Because it’s good to feel beautiful while you’re working out. What about you guys? Any faves to wear while you’re sweating it out? xoxo

Backyard Yoga with Old Navy Active

Backyard Yoga with Old Navy Active

P.S. Have you ever tried parkour? This guy is crazy.

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7 thoughts on “Backyard Yoga with Old Navy Active”

  1. I definitely am on to you with those fancy, expensive brands. I’ve been on the search for affordable, yet cute and comfy workout clothes. I’m still searching, but Old Navy looks like they fit that description!

  2. Has Mr. Lovely tried any of the men’s athletic wear from Old Navy? I could use a little spruce up on my workout wardrobe. Love and miss!

  3. Love this post. I’m an explorer at heart and always outdoors. Whether that be camping, hiking or just out on a walk and i LOVE old navy’s active line. I live in my side mesh running shorts and straight leg yoga pants. I would love to share my experiences and adventures with ON products 🙂 Glad I found your blog! x Sara

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