Baby Stuff // 7

Baby Stuff Week 32

AAAHHHHH we had a great idea and here it is. Instead of me telling you how pregnant life is this week, Ryan gave a little interview about what he’s observing with my pregnant antics! The responses below are straight from the horse’s mouth, if my husband was the horse. And he is. So without further ado, here’s Mr. Lovely’s take on Week 32 of living with a pregnant lady! xoxo

WEEK 32.

EATING cereal, yogurt, and turkey sandwiches. That’s seriously all she eats.

DRINKING orange juice, and then complaining about how orange juice makes her feel queasy.

READING to fall asleep. But really she only reads for about 2 minutes and I come in to find her book on my pillow every night.

WANTING ice cream. Every evening. Without fail.

SLEEPING on the early side. As in, she’ll go to bed at 9 pm and I get two hours of quality alone time before I even get tired.

WEARING her regular clothes and just stretching those bad boys out because she refuses to buy any more maternity clothes.

FEELING happy and terrified.

LOVING this guy.

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19 thoughts on “Baby Stuff // 7”

  1. Ever since I was pregnant with our first, I’ve been going to bed way before my husband. I begin to stay up later and later as the baby gets older but never late enough for us to go to bed at the same then. Then I get pregnant again and the whole process starts over! Ha! Needless to, it’s not to hear I’m not the only wife going to bed way before her other half. 🙂

    1. Haha! I hear ya girl. People get crazy about so many tiny things! I was pumped when my doctor said, “As long as the deli meat doesn’t look more tired than you feel, go for it.” Ha!

  2. omg I love the tired deli meat comment! And Ryan’s interview is prosh. Girls are TOTALLY more wordy than the mens. Like that meme I see on Pinterest made from an episode of Friends when Ross kissed Rachel.

  3. I love that you did the update from the hubby’s perspective! And there are only a few foods I really want to eat too, so I’m glad I’m not alone in that! And I was on the ice cream kick allll summer long! I just recently got really sick of it (I’m just shy of 31 weeks now)!

  4. I do know that it’s a pain in the butt when you are constantly putting socks back on or pulling them up time after time, day after day, just from having the kids here in my daycare.

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