Baby Stuff // 6

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Baby Stuff

Holy crap, 10 more weeks sounds like zero time and what are we going to do with a kid?! Every once in a while it hits me like that. The rest of the time I mostly feel like we’ll just figure it out like everyone else does. But yikes. Ten weeks is no time, you guys.

One thing I’ve been marveling at lately — nobody, not one single person, has come up to me in public and tried to touch my stomach. I’ve heard so many horror stories of pregnant women being mauled by strangers wanting to rub their bellies, I fully prepared myself for having to deal with it. But nobody! Should I be offended? Just kidding, I should probably be entirely relieved. I mean, people that I’m close to will reach out for a pat but 9 times out of 10 they ask first, which I think is pretty cool of them. But so far I must have a Strangers Don’t Touch Me sign on my forehead or something. I’m good with that.

Other than that, we just keep getting bigger and less comfortable. I’ve still got my wedding rings on but at the end of the day they’re a leeeeetle snug. Ditto on my shoes. And I can still bend over and touch the floor, even if it is out of sheer will. Here’s more! xoxo

WEEK 30.

EATING Cinnamon Life Cereal for breakfast every morning and it is so. delicious.

DRINKING ice water all day long because we have a fridge with an ice makerrrrr!

READING more BabyWise. I got all freaked out the other day that I don’t know how to care for our as-of-yet nonexistant child so I scared myself back into reading it again.

WANTING my mobility back. That kid in my stomach is straight up in the way.

SLEEPING hahahahaha. Right.

WEARING heels because in my mind they make me look less like an egg. (Have we discussed my theory that I look like an egg when I’m pregnant?)

FEELING baby hiccups, pretty frequently. It’s kind of adorable and and also so totally weird that there is something alive inside you that has the hiccups.

LOVING when the baby reacts to Ryan’s voice.

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