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Baby Stuff // 3


I asked my husband to take a bump photo. He assured me that it was great. And that’s the face I was making. My double chins and I no longer trust him.

It’s happening, guys. Random people are starting to make comments about the tummy. Lots of folks asking if it’s my first, and a few really sweet comments. But mostly it’s stuff like, “Well enjoy the first year because after that it’s terrible.” Or “You have no idea what you’re in for.” And I always just sort of smile noncommitally and move on, but I really want to let those people have it! Listen, I know that a kid is going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and that every moment will be an exhausting challenge. But who says you can’t find joy in that? And why would you go around spreading misery about your children when you could celebrate instead? And why in the world would you say these things to a complete stranger? Deal with your issues on your own time, bro. You guys know my philosophy — life is what you make it. And my plan is to keep that mindset going for as long as I humanly can.

Rant over! What else, let’s see… Getting up and down is becoming a little cumbersome, but I try to pretend that it’s not. Ha. Gotta hang on to that mobility for as long as possible. I can still touch my toes, so I consider this week a win! Here’s more. xoxo

WEEK 24.

EATING everything bagels with onion cream cheese. Oh. My. Lord.

DRINKING Diet Pepsi with one ton of ice and I ain’t sorry about it.

READING Baby Wise. Any moms out there read it? Yeesh. It’s a little intense. They’re like, “You could do things this way or you could do things that way. But if you did things that way you would be stupid and a horrible mother. So do things this way.”

WANTING to sit directly in front of the air conditioning vent at all times. I’m. Hot.

SLEEPING okay! I found this magical pillow combination that involves a Bump Nest, which is the best pillow in all the land. Pregnant or not.

WEARING whatever doesn’t make me sweat or look like an egg.

FEELING a little wobbly in my heart. Anything nice makes me bizarrely emotional.

LOVING that I’m not having pregnancy headaches any more! There were a few weeks there where every day I would get these splitting headaches. And one day recently I realized that they were just… gone. Major.

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27 thoughts on “Baby Stuff // 3

  1. Lookin good! I didn’t read Baby Wise….I was honestly afraid to read a lot of stuff because I could make myself nuts. BUT, I found Ina May Gaskins Childbirth. I DID however, read a funny book: The Shit No One Tells You. If you want something light-hearted that isn’t scary and you want to bang out in a day, go for it!

  2. I have friends who SWEAR by the Baby Wise method. And their kids do actually sleep!! But other friends who tried and couldn’t do it. Their kids don’t sleep nearly as well but everyone seems happy anyway! I’m sure you’ll figure out exactly what your little guy needs.

    1. I’m hoping so! My sister loved the method but felt the same way about the book as I do. So I’m trying to take the info and leave the attitude. 😉

  3. I can’t believe that’s the most common thing people say to you! I think my response would be “And would you give your child back because it’s so terrible?” =) Ha! Though I also keep telling anyone I meet to elope because wedding planning is so terrible! Now I’m thinking maybe I should quit saying that, too!

  4. Ha! I LOL’ed at your comments about the picture. I would never trust my husband to take a good one either. 🙂

    “Wobbly in the heart” is a great way to describe the emotions of being pregnant and being a new mom. It gets a little more stable over time, but especially in the newborn phase I am always super emotional and I’m definitely completely changed at my core now that I’m a mom!

    1. “Completely changed at my core.” I love that! I would be so interested to know if you can put a finger on how you’ve changed. All of this mom stuff is so fascinating!

      1. It is hard to put exactly into words, but I think I am just more sensitive overall. I used to be able to watch any kind of movie, read any kind of book, etc. but now I usually avoid stuff that is too violent or emotional (especially if it involves babies or kids).

        Also, I started seeing EVERYONE as someone’s child. I think that’s a good thing, as it makes me more empathetic, but it can also be hard because I feel sad a lot when I see the way people’s lives have turned out.

  5. I had a close friend who never said one single negative thing about being a mom. I always think of her and her mommy advice as I prepare to become a mother myself. Of COURSE there are going to be hard times, but since when is it good to focus on the bad? I’m with ya on that rant…

    1. She sounds like superwoman! I totally get that it helps to vent and share, but I also feel like there’s a more positive way to do it. Like with friends. And wine. 😉

  6. It always annoys me when people jokingly refer to how hard parenting can be. True, there are struggles at every stage, but they change and challenge us in different ways. My oldest is now 18 and I can say that parenting challenges become less physical and more emotional as children age, but the enormous rewards of parenting change, as well. Giggling at the antics and delights of toddlers gives way to amazing at the insights and independence of older children. Enjoy the journey and don’t spend too much time wallowing in the heartbreak. The heartbreak is what is truly temporary, the pride and joy lasts forever.

  7. You look really good!!! I’m currently in week 26 and I hate not being able to fit into my jeans :(. I basically rely on wearing them, not zipping up and hiding it with a belly band! I actually had cravings for everything bagel with chive cream cheese! Yummers.
    We didn’t tell our friends and family that we were pregnant yet until last week because I was starting to show because I didn’t want unnecessary comments about it. Thanks for the advice so I can prepare for it!

    1. Hey girl, I think it’s pretty awesome that you can still actually pull your jeans up at all! Big thumbs up. 🙂 Hope your pregnancy is smooth and joyful!

  8. Yay! Love reading about this! Been following your blog for a while. Soo happy for you and wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy!

  9. Oh gosh. I just agreed with you so hard 😉 I, too, was SHOCKED when those comments started rolling in with my first pregnancy. Having a child is worth any hard time so don’t you dare let dumb people bring you down. I told off a nice share of people for comments like that, and still am (I’m 23 week with twins and the comments keep coming). Trust your intuition and you and your babe will be just fine. Love these post!

  10. I’m not sure why pregnancy makes everyone feel like they can say anything they want to you! But just know that while parenting may be the biggest challenge you’ll ever face, it also offers the greatest rewards!! The amount of joy your child will bring you is incredible, so don’t sweat it (except when you’re having pregnancy hot flashes)!!

  11. hahah I laughed out loud when I read the caption to your photo!! This happens just about every time my husband takes a photo of me. I can SO relate!

    also, congrats on the baby!!! so exciting! don’t listen to those negative people – i’m always baffled at the things that people think are ok to say to other people, random or not!

  12. I got lots of those comments when I was pregnant with my daughter. She is 9 months old now (and pretty awesome) so now what I keep hearing is, “Well, she may be well behaved/sleep through the night/etc, but just you wait, your next one is going to be TERRIBLE.” Or something along the lines of, “Yeah, she’s cute now, but just wait until she starts talking back.” I’m just like…why???

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