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Baby Stuff // 2

Pregnancy Week 20

Hey! IT’S A BOY! Yeah, dudes. We’re having a little fellow and we are pretty stoked. I can’t say that it came as a surprise — we had been calling Baby Lovely a “he” all along, because we just sort of had a feeling. But it’s so awesome to officially know and to be able to start planning things (read: buying adorable baby boy clothes). Here’s your TMI violation for the day!  xoxo

WEEK 20.

EATING all the time. Not necessarily more, just all the time. I kind of like to take a meal and spread it out over a few hours. Weird.

DRINKING oh, ya know, mojitos and champagne. In my dreams. In real life, I’ve started making this concoction of seltzer water with a splash of Pellegrino Limonata. It’s amazing.

READING through the stack of baby books that my sister gave us two seconds after we told her I was pregnant. I confess: I don’t care now. It kind of feels like homework. But I know for sure that when baby is here, I’ll be glad we took the time to learn things.

WANTING to get my hands on baby’s new room and whip it into shape!

SLEEPING …sort of. I wouldn’t say I’m sleeping poorly, but there’s usually an hour or so each night where I’m wide awake trying to get comfy.

WEARING maxi dresses. My number one preggo attire recommendation so far. Invest in a maxi dress for every day of the week.

FEELING pretty good! The lava lamp isn’t quite as intense any more, which is like a gift from heaven. Feeling energized and ready to rumble.

LOVING that I finally know what baby kicks feel like! I couldn’t distinguish them for the longest time, but I’m an old pro now. Little guy likes to move around lots in the morning and at night.

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15 thoughts on “Baby Stuff // 2

  1. Do you have a David’s Tea near you? If so…SPARKLE TEA is the name of the game. They have circus themed flavors now so “COTTON CANDY ICED TEA is all I’m saying to you right now.

  2. Omg yes!!! A little baby boy Foy! Congratulations!
    PS I’ve only been waiting for this blog post for like 2 weeks! C:
    So happy for you two.

  3. Yay!!!! Congrats! I am SO happy you are having a boy. I just had a boy a little more than 3 months ago and I couldn’t be happier. You are going to love boys. They adore their mommies so much. They’re so tender and when they look you straight in the eyes your heart just melts. My baby Camden is our dream and he’s so delicious!

  4. Congrats!!!! I am 14 weeks today and I know how you feel about eating all the time. I seriously always make sure I have a snack when I am out! I am so excited to see how you decorate his room you always come up with such beautiful things.

  5. Congratulations! He will definitely be a beautiful baby! I remember when I had my first son.. it was all so new and I had the same experiences as you do. But all the inconveniences are forgotten when you hold your baby boy for the first time:) Enjoy it!

Free Email Series

Easter Outside the Basket!

5 DIYs for a Creative + Colorful Easter

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