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Baby Stuff // 12


You guys, the little dude is not even born yet and we’re teaching him to do tricks. The other day I realized that if I scratch my tummy, he wiggles his arms and legs. I was so fascinated with this weird phenomenon I spent about 10 minutes experimenting with it, and he only missed it like twice. He’s brilliant already.

But seriously, I got so excited because it was the first teeny preview we’ve had of actually interacting with him. And it made me remember that pretty soon he’ll actually be here, instead of just an idea or something we’re planning for. He’ll be an actual presence, part of our family, and with every day that goes by he’ll know more and we’ll know more about him. That’s pretty exciting.

In semi-related news, we have about a week (okay, 9 days) left until the due date. I feel like I’m probably the usual amount of uncomfortable; notable annoyances include numb hands from carpal tunnel, swollen feet, a nightly stuffy nose, and this brilliant new inner-thigh pain which apparently can be attributed to my pelvic bones spreading out? Um ew. But also proud to say that I’m still going to the gym. I mean, I go and just sort of meander on an elliptical trainer for 40 minutes, but I’m at the gym okay?! Let me have that one. I’m both completely ready for the little guy to show up and perfectly happy to have him take his sweet time — which is probably the best I could hope for. The only real thing I’m crossing fingers for is that he doesn’t interrupt the pumpkin pie course at Thanksgiving. Kidding. Sort of. xoxo

WEEK 39.

EATING whatever is close by.

DRINKING I’ll give you one wild guess.

READING weird facts about symptoms of late pregnancy and being glad I only have a few of them.

WANTING to be able to wear my regular sweaters. I know it’ll take a while, but geez do I miss my wardrobe.

SLEEPING …not really.

WEARING all the socks all the time because my extremities are fuh-reezing.

FEELING pumped. Ready. Not ready. Excited. Exhausted. Like I just want to hibernate with my husband and baby for the entire month of December without interruption.

LOVING a little bit of a slow-down. We’ve been working so hard to get the new house in order and to set up blog and work stuff so that it runs smoothly while we take some leave. It’s been weeks and weeks of nonstop work and it’s starting to wrap up and that feels wonderful.

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4 thoughts on “Baby Stuff // 12

  1. yay 39 weeks! I hope your little man comes out close to his due date and doesn’t make you wait much later than that. My daughter was 2 weeks late and needed an eviction notice! She just wanted to hang out. I SO remember the uncomfortableness…I would wake in the middle of the night with excruciating carpel tunnel pain. It really DOES go away like immediately once you have the baby. My feet took about a week, and I was so happy to see my ankles again! You’re almost there mama!

  2. I’m 35 weeks and starting to deal with the carpel tunnel pain. I remember you writing about it and realized that’s what was going on with me as well. I wake up in the mornings feeling like Mr. Crab because I can’t make fists (or curl my hair). I’ve loved following your pregnancy since it is so close to mine.

Free Email Series

Cozy + Creative!

Five Projects and Recipes for a Festive Fall.

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