Baby Boy Names

Baby Boy Names

You guys! I’ve got the best game ever for your Thursday. It’s that one game where you help us decide what to name our kid.

Okay okay just kidding. I mean, we have a few front runners but I know there are a zillion names out there that we haven’t thought of, and I’d love to hear your favorite boy names! Here are our parameters.

One. Nothing too trendy. We’re just not the people that are going to name our kid something super hipster and make him deal with it his whole life. My sister brought up a good point — ya gotta be able to picture the name working for a baby and for a grown man. Word.

Two. Nothing so popular he’ll be one of seven kids with the same name in his kindergarten class.

Three. Something that goes with Foy. Our last name can be tricky — pairing it with a first name that’s too short sounds kinda choppy.

That’s it! Seriously, if you have any boy names that you love I’m so excited to hear them. Leave us a comment! xoxo

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  1. Fox Foy… just kidding:)
    I’m 29 weeks pregnant with our first baby! Boy names are hard!! We are naming him Mason Michael… it took us forever to agree on anything. Our list included Gavin, William, Trent, Pierce & Connor.
    good luck!!

  2. I’m having a boy too and am having trouble coming up with names. My son’s name is Chase, which was my maiden name. I love reaching back into the family archive and finding a name that has meaning. Like my grandfather’s middle name was Owen, so we are considering that. My other grandfather’s name was Luby – we are NOT considering that 🙂

  3. Benjamin 🙂 i think it sounds wonderful combined with Foy.

    Or William. Or… No I’m sticking with Benjamin 🙂

  4. I really like the names Harrison and Keegan – I feel like neither are super overused right now, but names that people can pronounce 🙂

    Hope your move went well! We just moved this past weekend and it was HOT.

  5. Classic English names, like Henry, Harry, or George, are my favorite. I also love Liam, but that’s super popular right now.

    Have you ever used Wolfram Alpha to look up name popularity over time? SO fun. It also tells you the current ranking, and how many estimated to be alive today with that name. It’s addicting!

    Our top 2 faves for a theoretical boychild in our future are Henry and Rufus, although we’ve gotten super mixed reactions on Rufus! People either love it or hate it. We’re into it, but I would hate to give my kid a name that was prone to teasing.

  6. I found our son’s name (Sawyer) by pursuing through hundreds of comments on a post like this on Cup Of Jo. These posts are the best place ever to find name ideas!

  7. Yes! The post I’ve been waiting for!! I may not have any to suggest, but I love hearing everyone’s different takes on names! Gotta say, the few above suggestions for Benjamin I’m kind of loving with Foy. I think Foy is an AWESOME last name for pairing. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  8. i’m partial to bok foy ;P

    but i think the lady who recommended british names was right – i always turn to britain whenst naming anything ;D or you could go portagee, merms…. make sure you can cutely nickname it, too! are you doing dad’s name for middle name?

    nicholas foy (nicky!! awwww!)
    adao foy (adao = earth :D)
    oliver foy (you could call him ollie 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D)
    ethan foy (ooo i like that!)
    dylan foy (just cuz 90210. sigh.)
    aiden foy
    logan foy
    jasper foy (i know you said no hipster names, but jasper is vintage and still so lovely and fun… and you could call him jazzy!!!!! omg MY VOTE IS JASPER!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D) <3

  9. No name suggestion, just some advice. Don’t worry too much if you think a name is too popular. 23 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter I knew 3 people who were naming their girl Ashley and we never met an Ashley in school once! The name I chose was Katy and nothing I had seen in ages. (When I was in school it was always Kathy). My daughter had multiple Katie’s every year. Her teacher even changed her name to Kate one year because there were too many. You just can’t tell. Of course, we didn’t have the internet to help screen popularity back then!

  10. Whoever said Henry Jack and Luca I am LOL-ing because I have TWO friends with a Henry, and 1 with a Luca and 1 with a Jack (are we friends?)

    Foy is pretty great last name though. SEBASTIAN! ooo that sounds very commanding. I AM SEBASTIAN FOY. DEAL WITH IT.

  11. I find out on Monday what we are having and we’ve had the WORST time with boy names. Our tops: James, Theodore, Elliott, Oliver, Felix, Alexander. We’ve settled on a name (not listed)- I think it’s an old name, but could come off as too hip. To this day, I still adore my daughter’s name: Hazel Mae, so it feels so important to like it just as much!! Good luck!!

  12. Boy names are hard! And I should know — I had to pick two of them! It was only slightly easier to choose my older son’s name: Levi. The baby, Asa, was nameless the entire time we were in the hospital!

  13. We are having a baby girl, but one of my friends is having a boy and naming him Miles. Kind of preppy, and unique enough that he won’t be one of seven Miles in his class. I also like the name Reid. Both of those seem like names a baby and a grown man could rock, you know?

  14. My son’s name is *Duncan*. Old school (Macbeth), not hipster, and we’ve never met another one. I also like Langston and Whitman. <–sort of a lit nerd, obvs.

    Our friends have a Linus. And if we ever had another boy we'd definitely consider Holden and Oscar.

  15. As soon as we found out we were having a boy, all my stresses about choosing the perfect name vanished! If we were having a girl, it would be a whole other story, We’ll be naming our bundle Jude James. I think it’s simple, sweet, and a perfect “life” name — one that will suit him when he’s a baby, a young man, an adult and an old boy! Other names we loved for boys were Ewan, Levi, Forrest and Campbell. Hope this helps!

  16. Hi from Australia!! Quite a few boys here are called Lachlan. (pronounced Lock-lan with stress on the first syllable) So Lachlan Foy. When they’re little you use Lachie. (sounds like Lockie). I know 153,000 Benjamins at school!!! Funny, we named our oldest son Luke (and there are NONE at school) and then our youngest son Elijah, thinking it would be more original — and there are 5 in his year.

  17. I work in the Admissions office of our local college, and I commend you for your lists of what the name should/shouldn’t be. We keep a list of the atrocities parents subject their kids to in naming them. This year alone I’ve had a Calamity Jane, Phucesia (we guessed it’s pronounced like the color/flower fuschia), a male Tayhlore and female Ta’ler, Dijion, twins Easton and Weston, and Mahogany Brown. That’s not even accoubting for all the “original and unique” spellings of normal names like Mykel/Mikul/Mikel or Malissa/M’lyssa

  18. First let me say Congratulations to such a sweet dear couple!! I’m so so excited and happy to hear of your new addition! Now then…that being said, Maxwell (yes I know I’m partial to any form of Max) I love Thaddeus as well, Alexander and Jamieson or Jackson. My Max’s additions are Jonathan, Harry (as in Potter) and Emit. And finally….I love the name Augustus….but couldn’t get past the little mice from Cinderella saying ‘Gus Gus Gus’.
    Happy naming!!

  19. My son’s name is Gabriel, and I love it for a few reasons.

    1. It’s a “real” name that people know and generally know how to spell, but it isn’t super popular so it’s still unique.

    2. I always resented not having a name that could be shortened to a cute nickname (Curse? No thanks). So when we loved both Adrian and Gabriel, we settled on Gabriel because it could be shortened to Gabe.

    He’ll be 5 in a couple of weeks and he prefers Gabe. 🙂

  20. I know I answered this on a different blog post (maybe one of Ryan’s? Or a Momtastic post?), but I wanna see what names come to mind this morning (bear with me if there’s repeats–unless you like ’em, then like away!).

    Carson, Harry, Wesley, Weston, Benjamin, Lewis, Clinton, Jasper, Silas, Irving.

    Also, you can look up popular baby names by decade at:

  21. Isn’t baby naming so weird? We picked our baby boy’s name (I’m 26 weeks) and then my coworker’s wife gave birth 2 days later and announced his name. It was the name we chose. I burst out crying at work because I felt like we’d lost *our* name. Then we decided to use it anyway!

  22. i dont know why but reading your post made me think of Zachary.
    Zachary Foy has a nice ring i think.
    either way, you might just be the kind of couple that waits to meet baby and pick from there.

    im nowhere near having kids but i already have names for 2 girls if i do end up having girls. well see how that works out.

    good luck!

  23. Congrats! Boy names that were on my short list are Maxwell, Xander, Oscar, Oliver, Emmet, Owen, Eli and Finnegan. Good luck… name selection is not easy.

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