Baby Boy Names

Baby Boy Names

You guys! I’ve got the best game ever for your Thursday. It’s that one game where you help us decide what to name our kid.

Okay okay just kidding. I mean, we have a few front runners but I know there are a zillion names out there that we haven’t thought of, and I’d love to hear your favorite boy names! Here are our parameters.

One. Nothing too trendy. We’re just not the people that are going to name our kid something super hipster and make him deal with it his whole life. My sister brought up a good point — ya gotta be able to picture the name working for a baby and for a grown man. Word.

Two. Nothing so popular he’ll be one of seven kids with the same name in his kindergarten class.

Three. Something that goes with Foy. Our last name can be tricky — pairing it with a first name that’s too short sounds kinda choppy.

That’s it! Seriously, if you have any boy names that you love I’m so excited to hear them. Leave us a comment! xoxo

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  1. I’ll throw a few European names in the ring. I hope they work just as well in English, ‘my’ German pronounciation would be quite different;)

    Good Luck

  2. No joke, I went to high school with a guy named Foy Maloy…Jr! I found it totally hilarious that his dad was proud enough of that name to give it to his son as well. Have you thought about waiting until he’s born and then picking a name that seems to fit him out of a small list? Good luck!

  3. I guess i’m a bit biased in my opinion, but I kinda love the name Gabriel – mostly because I love my name!

    Gabriel Foy – sounds good don’t you think?

    Good luck choosing, and all the best!

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