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January 16 2013 |

HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO

There’s a new member of our household, and it’s the coolest kid in town. HP recently contacted me to test out one of their most awesome products: the HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO, and we have kind of fallen in love with it.

The kind folks at HP sent one over, and we obviously immediately wanted to get to know what it could do. One of the best surprises about the TouchSmart was that it was so fast to set up. I think it might have taken more time to get out of the box than to set it up and start checking out its features. I was literally surfing the web within about two minutes of plugging it in. It’s intuitive and simple, which I love.

Also, have you seen these things in real life? For starters, the design is gorgeous and sleek and so, so pretty. And after using it and looking at that huge screen, I don’t want to look at anything else! I don’t have to squint and lean forward into a tiny computer screen when I design any more. The screen display is fantastic. I also really love the tiles that you can arrange on your home screen with your most-used apps. The Windows 8 design is such a welcome, cool alternative to the standard desktop setup.

And I had to save the best for last: this thing has a touch screen. What!? At first it felt really strange to abandon the mouse every once in a while and use the touch screen, but after a while we figured out a rhythm. I especially love the touch feature when I’m walking by and need to access something quickly, or to use while you navigate from screen to screen. It’s kind of amazing.

HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO

HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO

I’ll actually be using the TouchSmart to do some cool projects for HP at Alt Summit as well, so stay tuned to see how exactly I use this bad boy! And in the meantime, check out the HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO to learn more about it.

HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO

HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO

I wrote this review while participating in a program on behalf of HP and received an ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO and other products as a thank you for my participation. All opinions are mine. Thank you for being supportive of the partners that help keep Lovely Indeed up and running!

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