So we’re back in NY, and we don’t have jobs, which means we’re on the audition bandwagon. I sang at my first audish back in the city this morning, and I felt pretty good about it, all things considered. It’s approximately hurricane weather outside, which always makes things difficult (especially when you’re supposed to look your fiercest)(fiercest?…sure, it’s a word), but my little 100 yen Japanese umbrella and I did just fine.

But here’s the thing about auditions. They’re more a mindgame than anything. You know, there are the monitors who are really nice, but like to toy with the auditioners by making sassy little comments. There are the lines and the waiting, which, even though far better than the non-eq waiting game, are a little demeaning and just give you time to psych yourself out. There are the primpers, who never stop looking at the mirror; the warmer-uppers, who feel comfortable with fully vocalizing in a room full of other singers refraining from doing the same; the loud-talkers, who want you to know all their business and their entire resume. It’s gnarly.

But for me, the sanity-keepers are the one or two other “normal” girls who are usually there too, whose eyes you accidentally catch when one of the weirdos does something wierd, and who share a secret little grin with you before going back to being strangers.

It’s a crazy life.


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