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I’ve been quite the busy little bee, zooming around the new apartment in an effort to get things settled before the holidays.  There have been lots of new additions, so let’s share some!

Remember the kitchen islands you were helping me decide on a few weeks ago?  We ended up choosing this one from Ikea.  It was unfinished wood, so we brought it home and Mr. Lovely went to work sanding and staining it to match the cabinets.

It came out perfectly, and it has just the right amount of space to hide the big mess of kitchen stuff that the otherwise teensy kitchen just didn’t have space for.  (Yes, that’s the toaster, microwave, utensil canister, and potholders.  Geez.)

The new apartment also has these two enormous floor-to-ceiling shelving spaces, which are super useful but kind of an eyesore.  So I made some curtains to hang in front of them that match what I made for the windows.  I was drowning in this fabric for days!

Things are coming together!  It’s hard not to want to rush through and finish it all right away, but part of the fun is the process, right?  That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway…  😉  By the way, the fabric is from here.

Until next time, lovelies!  And don’t forget to toss your name into the hat to win the Keep Calm print from sfgirlbybay!  xoxo

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