anthropologie wish list

I’m sure you all know by know that I’m mildly (and by mildly, I mean entirely) obsessed with anything and everything from Anthropologie.  I keep wandering around the store, mostly in the home section as of late, ogling their perfectly curated collection of goodies.  There’s almost too much good stuff to sort through, but I persevered and sorted through it anyway.  (I know — rough stuff.)  If I had my way, I’d snap up everything on this here little wish list.

On a side note, after having put this together, I sat back and looked at it, and realized that I’m totally going through a “netural-metallics” phase.  I think it’s kinda chic.  xoxo

1.  Bowmont Mirror.  2.  Rhino Savannah Story Bust.  3.  Mechanic’s Beacon Light. 4.  Mirrored Dresser. 5.  Squirrel Creature Kingdom Hook. 6.  Garvey Chair. 7.  Ladies-in-Waiting Dinner Plate. 8.   Clusiana Ring Bowl. 9.  Midas Tree Lamp. 10.  Prospero Journal. 11.  Spun Stripes Rug. 12.  Enchanted Buck Measuring Cups. 13.  Radiant Votive. 14.  Mirrored Waves Pillow. 15.  Stormy Nut Bowl.

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