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Another Adventure


It’s here, it’s here! Remember last year when I made up a word for our annual anniversary trip? Well, the Annimoon is alive and well, folks. We’re keeping the tradition this year with another “anniversary of our honeymoon” trip. It’s my fave. And this is only the second one.

We’ve been saving our pennies since last year’s trip, and I’m so excited about what we have planned. Tomorrow we take off for NYC for a few days to hang out with our dear friends (who we miss terribly!), and then it’s on to Paris! We’ll be doing a home exchange there, so we’re trading apartments with some adorable French folks who will take care of our place, and vice versa. From Paris, we’ll do a couple of short trips to Brussels and Amsterdam, and then end up in London for a few days before coming back.

But! Never fear, because Lovely Indeed is going to be jam packed full of awesomeness, even while we’re traveling. We’ve got a couple of giveaways coming up, not to mention some killer DIYs that I’ve made ahead of time for ya. I’ll also be sharing some photos every few days of our travels, and in the midst of it all is Lovely Indeed’s third birthday! Geez. Just thinking about all of it makes me need a nap. A nap on a Parisian park bench.

So. As always, thank you for being awesome and for following along with all of the kooky stuff that goes on here. I’m so excited about this trip, partially because it will be a little time off, and partially because I’m so excited to get inspired and bring you even more wonderful, creative things. Keep checking back daily for what’s new. You guys rock! xoxo

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14 thoughts on “Another Adventure

  1. Congrats again on your two-year anniversary! Love the word you invented. We just turned two yesterday, too. Enjoy your trip! It sounds like lots of fun. Paris & London are my favorites. You know you have to make some room in your luggage for shopping, right? I look forward to seeing all your adventures!


  2. What a great tradition! I’m glad you both are taking time to remember such a special day. Congrats on two years and thank you for sharing! Hope you have an amazing time!


  3. So so excited for (and a teeny bit jealous of!) you guys!! I cannot WAIT to follow along here with your adventures abroad! Safe travels and have FUN!

  4. My husband and I just got back from Paris and we loved it! If you are going to the top of the Eiffel Tower, try to go around dusk. The city is amazing as the sun sets! Also you can have a late picnic under the tower and watch it twinkle at 11pm–
    So Romantic!!!

  5. Woohoo! Have fun on your trip Chelsea! I’ll be hitting you up for Paris, London, and Amsterdam recommendations when you get back. 🙂

  6. Hope you have a wonderful time on your annimoon! It sounds lovely. I like the word you came up with. My husband and I got married last year, and I’m hoping we will be able to take an annimoon this fall. Paris would be my dream!

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