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A Weekend Trip & $500 Hotel Giveaway!

A Weekend Trip

A couple of weekends ago we packed ourselves up and headed out of town for a quick little weekend adventure! We snuck away and took Henry to Sacramento, which is actually where we tied the knot. We’ve been wanting forever to go back to the places where we hung out while we were planning our wedding, and it was so cool to do that now with little dude in tow.

A Weekend Trip

We cozied up at the Comfort Inn® Hotel, which was totally perfect — an awesome home base to come back to in between adventures. They’ve been hard at work, updating and creating change that makes a stay there even better. Big white fluffy beds to snooze on (or jump around on; see the little video we made for evidence), Wi-Fi and charging stations aplenty for working during Henry’s naps (crucial, because we always work on the road!), and an even better breakfast (you know I love a wafflemaker)! They even provided a crib for Henry, which was awesome. We’re so used to traveling with a crib for him that it seemed like such a luxury to have one on site. It was a perfect spot to rest up and recharge for all three of us.

The hotel was right by the American River Bike Trail so we brought our bikes and took Henry for a spin. Did you know that there’s a whole field of sheep on the trail? They all had little lambs and we stopped to hang out. We ran around downtown a little the next day, hitting a few great restaurants and spending a good chunk of time in the Capitol. It was so quiet and empty inside and I loved every second. I could sit in the senate chamber room forever. And they were putting the lights on the big Christmas tree outside, which melted my heart.

A Weekend Trip

A Weekend Trip

On our last night we took Henry to Old Sac, which is where we had our wedding reception! It’s so funny to go back to a place and see it through a different lens, now as a wife and mom. Before, I probably was mostly concerned about fitting as many things into a day as possible. Now I’m thankful for things like quiet hotel rooms and an easy, healthy breakfast that I can feed my son. Perspective, huh?! Traveling with Henry along for the ride as a party of three is definitely different than the old footloose, fancy-free days of traveling just as a pair. But every trip we take with him is better than the last, and I’m so grateful to be able to have him along. As parents though, I think our number one travel tip is to stay somewhere that suits little one. And on this trip, Comfort® helped us head out every day totally ready to tackle some killer adventures.

A Weekend Trip

We had such a gorgeous couple of days that we want to give you the same! We’ve partnered with Comfort Inn & Suites, by Choice Hotels to give one lucky winner a $500 credit to stay at your favorite Choice Hotel! Pick a destination and see for yourself just how awesome they’ve become with their new upgraded experience. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment and tell us about a trip you’ve taken (near or far!) that changed your perspective on things. Be sure to also leave an email address where we can reach you in case you win! Giveaway will close on Friday November 27th at 8 am PST. Happy travels! xoxo

A Weekend Trip

P.S. For more, find Choice Hotels on YouTube.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Choice Hotels. The opinions and text are all mine.

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71 thoughts on “A Weekend Trip & $500 Hotel Giveaway!

  1. Two summers ago, I had just graduated university, but was still unsure about so many aspects of what I wanted to do with my life. I decided to leave my part time job, pack up a backpack, and buy a one- way ticket to Europe. It was a whirlwind three month adventure, all by myself. I learned way too many lessons to count about being on my own, meeting new people, making mistakes, and turning mistakes into “happy accidents”. All in all, it was a very eye-opening experience that changed how I look at myself and the world around me.

  2. Two years ago I landed in Boston to attend a weekend retreat. I expected a pleasant experience in the warm summer air and delighted in the quiet introspection that was sure to follow. But what I encountered was an oasis and a familiar hum which spoke to my spirit and beckoned me near. It wasn’t merely a respite but a yearning awakened and too evident to ignore. I wandered the streets in complete comfort and navigated the buses and trains like a local. It felt like home and I knew I would return once more. My second arrival solidified the first. I expected a little peace of mind but what I gained in return was so much more. I’d found the place which spoke my name. A rhythm which warmed me feet; one that I could move to without trying.

  3. My most recent trip was a beach trip with my new husband -We’ve been before and even stayed in the same hotel but it’s funny how our marriage made the entire trip feel different!

  4. I just returned from my trip to California with my husband. We were on our honeymoon on a roadtrip from the top of the state to the bottom. It is so nice to spend time-just me and him-and get to know each other better through hiking and taking walks along the beach together.

  5. We just returned from 3 weeks in Europe this summer. It was our first time overseas and it was great to see and experience different culture and a different mindset from our Western world.

  6. this past summer my brother and i went on a siblingtrip over seas.
    it was amazing – an incredible bonding experience i will never, ever forget.

  7. I traveled a ton as a kid, but my parents avoided cities like the plague. Flash forward to present, and I work in urban development, and I’m suddenly fascinated with everything about cities. Now I see as many cities as possible, from small midwestern towns to the big ones like Toronto and Pittsburgh. If we could all spend a little bit of time seeing how other cities solve problems, we could save so much time and see so many solutions!

  8. I spent a semester studying in Great Britain, and my three weeks in Northern Ireland certainly changed my perspective. From realizing how much bigger the world is and how much understanding is necessary for different cultures and their histories, to learning so much from the kind people there–I always seem to get a perspective shift when I travel!

  9. My husband and I traveled a lot before we had kids. Bringing the kids along has totally changed the way we travel, but not were. We have been big on small staycations throughout the year in Chicago for the last few years, but we are finally taking the kids on a 2 week trip to Costa Rica this January. I can’t wait to see our favorite destination through their eyes.

  10. I see so many women with gypsy hearts but who are afraid to go it alone. And that was me a few years ago. My husband joined the military, and I had to leave my little hometown bubble. He deployed instantly so I had to drive all our stuff and our baby 26 hours to home. Honestly, I had never driven much out of my home state. I was terrified, and shook for a solid 26 hours. I had to make that trek via plane and car so many times that I became comfortable with it. Even liking it! I started planning trips along the way. But I wanted more so I’d put together little regional weekend trips. I organized a trip to NYC and took a friend. It was perfect in every possible way. I started to have faith in my ability create awesome adventures. Most of them with only my little girl. ( My husband hates travel, which is perfect because someone needs to stay home wit the dog.) My kid is now 8 and has been more places than I had at 30! I’m not ready to quit my job and take my daughter backpacking through India, but I feel like I could if I wanted to! Traveling without another grown up’s help has made me confident in myself and shattered the glass roof for me!

  11. I was able to spend a month traveling in Europe. The enormity of the buildings and vast amount of history was eye opening. Living in the United States, something that is 200 years old seems ancient. Walking in buildings built in the Middle Ages was amazing!

  12. I love traveling, my most recent trip was to Las Vegas Nevada, I come from a small town so it was a huge difference but a lot of fun.

  13. Traveling to my in-laws house in Boston (from California) changed me a perspective because I have never been anywhere that had the history that this area has. I was amazed at all the places to see and learn about. We always stay in Choice Hotels whenever there is one available. They have a great Rewards Program.

  14. My husband and I traveled to St. Lucia for our 5 year anniversary . It changed my perspective of life in so many ways. It was so breathtakingly beautiful it reminded me of just how great our God is and what an incredible creator He is. Also, it opened my eyes to the sad truth of poverty our entire world faces. (even in these “vacation” spots)

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