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a tour of the redesign


Okay dudes!  I think by now lots of you have noticed that the blog has undergone a little facelift, but I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the new awesome features!  You were gracious enough to take the time to help me out with that little survey a while back, and I listened to what you had to say.  Here we go!

Lots of you are interested in posts that are a bit more personal and focus on my life with Mr. Lovely or my theatrical career!  If you’re into that, you’re totally welcome to click on “Happy Blog” up on the top of the page.  Happy is a blog I started a few years back, documenting random thoughts and musings, often having to do with NYC or my experiences in the theatre.  Check it out every few days if you’re into that stuff.

Also, lots of you asked for more photography.  Did you know that I’m doing a project called A Photo A Day For A Year?  There’s a link to it in the sidebar under “Let’s Hang Out.”  It’s exactly what it sounds like — every day I take a new photo and post it online.  You can follow the link to see my daily photo.  Also on the sidebar is a new section called “Featured Posts.”  That’s just an easier way to get to Lovely Indeed’s most popular projects.

If you click on “Link Love” or “Categories,” you’ll see that the format there is updated as well.  Hopefully you spend some time exploring the other blogs on my Link Love page — there are some amazing bloggers there!  And finally, at the bottom of each post is a round green button that says “Spread the Word.”  If you roll over that button with your mouse, it gives you the option to share the post on a whole bunch of different social networks!  Cool, right?

In any case, I hope you’re loving the redesign as much as I am, and I hope it makes your time on Lovely Indeed more enjoyable!  My goal is to make the blog a super-comfy place to hang out, so grab a mug coffee or tea, look around, and get comfortable!  xoxo


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